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#1. Must pay union fees in a timely manner.

#2. Help out a union brother in need any way you can.

#3. Any amendment to the rules must be voted on by the whole union.

#4. Meetings will be held once a month(real time) to change or keep current member standings EX: president,vice president treasurer and Sargent-at-arms.

#5. When ever possible try and use union labor and trading(no-outside contractors/merchants)

President= in charge of negotiating contracts for jobs

Vice president= if there is a tie vote vice president decides the tie breaking vote, except when there is a conflict of interest and the vote in question concerns the vice president himself.

Treasurer= in charge of collecting union fees and using said fees to help better the union.

Sargent-at-arms= in charge of enforcing these rules.

Shop-stewards= in charge of settling grievances and if a settlement can't be reached arbitrate a deal that both sides must agree to if that fails argument will be settled in the octagon. Also must be at least 1 Shop-steward on every job site to make sure the Union workers are being treated fair and contract is done per employers standards.

#7 If any persons does not attend to their position properly there can be held a vote by the union body to impeach such person.

#8 If accepted must complete 1 public works project

#9 Must own a copy of the city by-laws and adhere to them (must be kept in a safe place)

When applying to the UNION u must have this phrase at the end of your application.

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