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Government: Union
Allies: Neutral
Founded: By GOG year 2457
Coordinates:Undisclosed location
Population: 5

Summary - Union City was founded by runaway slaves labors from Rethosia some the best people in his/her field. Hoping for a fresh start, self sufficient the residents keep to them selves and only venture out to do job contracts. We believe in a utopia society where everyone is equal.

Power and Position in the Wastes - Union CITY has no political agenda but wishes to become one the top suppliers of goods and construction. With aspirations of becoming one the wealthiest cites in RUIN WORLD 2.

Points of Interest - Nothing of great note yet but we do boast one the coolest natural phenomenons where 1/2 the city gets snow and the other 1/2 gets rain. situated and 3 over lapping Biomes.

Current News -recently formed the first UNION government and is now accepting applications for new members. Started the construction of a bio dome to have the first climate controlled city.

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