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Post  Admin on Sun Jan 08, 2012 12:54 pm

Application Rules:

1. Stick to the time period. If your character is way out of context, you will be denied.

2. Be realistic. If your character is overpowered and unreal to the timeline you will be denied.

3. Be original. Plagiarism will result in a permanent denial.

4. Be original Part 2. Do not incorporate any other histories into this server. No Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or any other franchise references within the application. Will result in denial.

5. Pick a race. There are multiple races for you to choose from, but many different options can be derived from each ethnicity. (If you would like to make your own race, write a history for them that sticks to the timeline. They would have to be accepted or denied separately from your character.

6. Follow the format. To be accepted, the format must be followed. Plain and simple.

7. Have a realistic skin. No bright colors, shiny armor, or any of that shit. The clothes would be dull and worn out, and the armor would be weathered.

8. Relate it to the lore. You are much more likely to be accepted if the application relates to the lore in some way.

9. Be honest. Tell the truth within the OOC questions.

10. Don't give up. If you are denied, our moderators are expected to provide a reason, and a guidance for correction.

Application Format:

Out of Character
MineCraft account name:
Country of Residence and Time Zone:
Define roleplaying in your own words, do you have any past roleplaying experiences?
What is your reason for applying to this server?
Have you been banned before, if so why?
Do you agree with our rules?
What is your opinion about our lore, does it need improvement?
Will you use the server's official texture pack?

In Character
Character name: (Last names aren't required)
Your character's story so far:
Does or did your character have any companions or family?
How old is your character?
Describe what your character looks like, any distinctive physical features?
How does your character act?
Character's occupation:
Does your character have an education? (Read or write)
Any special skills that your character has, nothing unbalanced:
Does your character hate or fear anything?
Describe an example of your character in our world, be lengthy:
Provide an image of your character's skin:

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