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Cow - Xow
A mutated form of the cow, still gives delicious milk. It has hard skin, which can be good for armor and clothing.

Mooshroom - Shrim
Another form of a Xow. Shrim are basically cows that combined with mushrooms through mutation. They can be restored to... "normal" if the parasitic fungus is removed.

Duck - D2
During the war, food became harder and harder to get to armies, so the military decided to use this small robot to get it to them. They would mass air drop them and they would hold an amount of food equivalent to a large lunch box. These robots could self-refrigerate and they could move on their own. These turned out to be very useful during the war, and somehow managed to make it through the mass bombing of the planet. Now they just drive around without a purpose, except for maybe if you need a small fan. They can drop a small thing called reborner they basically work like an egg. Reborners were usually added to all D2's. So if the D2 got broken/destroyed they could use the roborner to make a new D2. Sadly some of the reborners don't work because of the EMP trap NATO set up on PROAs robots in 2039.

Zombie - Mutant
Once a human, now mutated into a flesh eating monster, it will kill you easily.

Skeleton - Raider
A previous prisoner of Robo. Co, many of his friends escaped and wanders the world with a ranged weapon to kill people, and take there items.

Spider - Securo-drone
Securo drones these were effective assault droids during the war, and was very popular with armies because when the Great War started the human population went down. So they made securo drones to fight for them. This made the human population be stable for a while. However after its production rate caught up with them they began to have trouble registering the difference between friends and foes, so it was discontinued, but a few somehow managed to survive. Now at night they attack any human they find, however for some reason register humans as allies during the day.
In the shape of a spider, this deadly thing has sharp legs, it will cut you easily. If not that, it will spray gas on you which are poisonous!

Creeper - Fuelbot
In the great war of 2023, vehicles were needed constantly, once the year 2025 hit, Fuelbots were created, as weapons, and storage. If an assigned hostile is seen, the fuelbot will stop supplying its fuel, and light itself on fire, releasing a "Ssssssssssssss..." before it explodes. After the war, all fuelbots were assigned to kill all humans.

Pig - Xig
Previously a pig, this is a mutated version. It drops delicious meat.

Sheep - SP2
Previously a sheep, when the hard radiation stroke upon the world all sheep died out. The humans needed the wool for clothes and other things so they made a self-aware robot that they called SP2. The SP2 produced clothing fabric from within its body and then was stored as a coat until it was removed. After suffering some radiation the fabric around its body is a bit rotten, but it still useful for a few things. These robots were easy to make and produce and it didn’t need food or liquid to survive, so they were a good replacement for the so called sheep.

ZombiePigMan - Mutant - Mutated Scientist
Scientist's that have been mutated in the horrible dimension called Rift.

Ghast - Scanning Drone
Drones were sent in Rift to scout and get information about Rift. When the war started the robots found the server the drones were controlled by and reprogrammed then all to go against humans. The drones were added cannons to protect themselves if they got attacked and were only supposed to activate when they got attacked, but when the robots reprogrammed them. They made them attack all humans in sight.

Magma Cube - Magmas
A more recent discovery within the rift. It is basically a sentient moving pile of lava.

Blaze - Burners
Another recent discovery. They seem to be a multitude of rods rotating around a central being. The rods move at high enough speeds to expel fire, which makes them extremely dangerous.

Slime - [Unknown]
It doesn't really have a name, its just a moving pile of radiated sludge.

Wolf - Wolf
Most part of all wolves at earth were dead after the first nuclear bomb went off. Some managed to hide in caves and under huge layers of snow. The wolves that survived were highly changed by the huge amount of radiation they got on themselves. They are much faster and allot of smarter then the previous generation of wolves.

Enderman- Demon
A creature released from the dimension known as the Rift. Has the unnatural ability of teleportation and it can disassemble structures. However, due to it's restricted experience with water from living in the fiery hell of the Rift, it has a damaging weakness to it.

Giant - Giant
There is no global data about these massive creatures. It seems every living thing that has come near one has been killed in a mater of seconds at the spot. There are no knowledge of how they came to this world. Rumors say they are just normal mutants that have evolved into these huge giants because of the massive radiation blow that was made by the Bi-Uranium Bomb.

Enderdragon - #*&%&#*
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