Excerpt From "Wasteland Destinations" by Quinn Hatrik

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Excerpt From "Wasteland Destinations" by Quinn Hatrik Empty Excerpt From "Wasteland Destinations" by Quinn Hatrik

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....And even though the Dragonians have a superb capital, the city of Hadrian's Wall tops any expectation of a envoy, convoy, or ambassador.

Even thought the exact date of the city Hadrian's Wall was founded, rumors persist, and this is a city with Ancient Origins. This is the story of its founding.

Very long ago, there was a powerful empire, an empire that influences us today. That empire was called the Roman Empire. Truth be told, I know nothing about them. They probably invented something and enslaved some people. Every empire does.

Anyway, a man called Quintus, or Quisus, or Quikus. His name is lost to time. But, his legend is not. When he was a boy, he was a boy of high learning, who had a very understanding father. HIs father taught him everything, about power, about money, about sex, anything that might come in handy in the Wasteland. His young years were golden, as gold as his wealth.

However, one day his father was killed by Bandits, like everyone else. But, this inspired young Quintus. He said, "NO! I will cling to an a ancient civilization and make them my heros. So, he set off into the world, armed with the knowledge of history! He soon found that to be useless. So he used what his father told him. He used his knowledge to make money, to buy and make roman armor. He used his knowledge to create power, stomping out merchants that were in his way. He used his knowledge his knowledge to act like the Romans in a sexual way too.

Once he gathered all of this, he made up his mind to make a roman city. He certainly had to money. So he told his merchant caravan that they were settling where they now stood, and thus the start of Hadrian's Wall.

The name Hadrian's Wall is also lost to history, but this author guesses that it was a monument of the Romans.

Now, let's get to the locations in Hadrian's Wall, most importantly the strip clubs...

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