"Destruction of Petrovgrad and the Western Frontier" by Quinn Hatrik

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"Destruction of Petrovgrad and the Western Frontier" by Quinn Hatrik Empty "Destruction of Petrovgrad and the Western Frontier" by Quinn Hatrik

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One name once rung fear and power across the wasteland. Led by furious and brutal leadership, the Western Front is one of the most despised and hated army in recorded post-war history. While their numbers were small, they achieved great feats with relatively small numbers. Their espionage and craftiness led towns and cities to fear them, and to this day no one has discovered their base. What they left was a power vacuum that no smaller bandit groups could fill. The Western Front were barbarians in one person’s eye and cunning masters of war to others. There legacy is not known very well today, but even if they were still active, no one would have a clue about them. They were not a group you walk to their base and knock on the door; they would kill anyone not of their own kind on sight.

These events are a recollection with one of the Western’s Front most bloody and cunning events, experienced personally by myself as a younger man.

After my time in a mysterious town and the disappearance of its citizens, I awoke confused and wary, everything and everyone was gone. I soon met a man, by the name of Cody, who probably saved my life by giving me safe refuge in Petrovgrad. On my way there, we ran into some sticky situations, but once we got to Petrovgrad, life was good. The city wasn’t that prosperous, but as Cody as mayor we handled situations pretty well.

However, the seeds of failure were sown before I even arrived. Before I came, there was a unnamed man who was mayor. However, something happened to him, and Cody never spoke of him. That man was eccentric to say the least, and he did many questionable things. He built secret underground pathways, and horrible portals to hell. Cody and I were often cleaning up his mess.

There were good people in the city, but problems became more and more common. Soon we found a citizen with a nether portal in his basement. He was quickly expelled. But that wasn’t the end of it. Soon a queer man appeared. He claimed to represent a city, and wanted to start a trade route. Cody didn’t trust him. His face, his way of talking, to Cody he seemed like a snake charmer. I laid back, I didn’t want to get involved. Cody ended up throwing the guy out, and the man didn’t speak on his way out. Not one word.

After that, all events in my conclusion were intended and caused by the Western Front.

Soon afterwards, mysterious holes and broken buttons appeared around the city. Cody was perplexed by this. Cody knew everything about the city, and didn’t take fondly to people messing with it. Life went on. Redstone and levers also started appearing. No bells were ringing yet in either’s of our heads. Then, one day, the church exploded randomly. Cody was furious. He ordered me to investigate. So, I dug around the blast site and found nothing, but as I thought this was a waste of time, I found a ladder. The ladder went underground, into a tunnel. Within that tunnel, I found redstone pathways and levers, but no explosives. Also, wherever I dug, I couldn’t find evidence of a cave in of the tunnel.

The explosions didn’t stop there. The next day, my house, and the inn also exploded, burned down in a fiery rage. Cody was morbid. No matter what we investigated, we couldn’t find a source. Only empty tunnels. All we could do was rebuild the structures.
Then, a few days later, Cody’s shouts alerted me to something, I came out of my house and emerged into central square, and Cody was on the City Walls, looking at something. I hastily climbed up and saw a redstone conduit leading to a ruined building, and 2 people were there, with 2 levers. It was the mysterious man and an inhabitant of the city, and once I had a good look, they flipped the switches.

Most of the city blew up instantly, the walls, the houses, the graveyard. What was left was ruins and death. Me and Cody rushed out and tried to kill them, but they were more prepared and had more supplies then us. In my cowardice I fled into the city and hid in the tunnels of the city. After that, the only thing I could hear were quakes and explosions. After a few hours, I emerged and nothing was left. Cody and those men were gone, and I was alone.

The only thing I remembered from this event clearly was the men calling battle cries, mainly concerning the Western Frontier. In the years that followed I heard many rumors and legends about the Western Frontier, but this was the only one I witnessed firsthand. I also learned this was the first attack in a long list of attacks by the Western Frontier. The Destruction of Petrovgrad was brutal and deadly. And damn effective. I hid myself after that, being one of the first victims of the Western Frontier. I was deeply disturbed after that event.

There are many other legends of the Western Frontier, such as their 100 guard dogs constantly watching their base, to their masterful use of redstone. To this day I do not know that the previous mayor was related to the Western Frontier, but their extensive knowledge of the tunnels under Petrovgrad was the main reason of their success. I have heard of no other Western Frontier attacks before this event, so I assume this is the formation of the Western Frontier.
Today, the Western Frontier is a memory though. If you are a group that tries to enslave or pillage all you meet, repercussions are bound to happen. Their leaders were hunted down, the soldiers in diaspora, and their bases lost to time. But, there is reward for those willing. And the wasteland is a messed up place.

~Quinn Hatrik, 2271

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