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Known History:
The Merchant's Ghost started out as a man who went by the name of Grod. Grod was one of the original founders of the city of Bavaria, and left once the other two founders had died and a new leader took control, Arcatia. Grod hated Arcatia for her lack of having any leadership qualities and being generally annoying, and so when Rethosia took control of Bavaria, Grod left the city. He returned every now and then, with only a few recognizing him, and it was mainly to cause mischief or for trading. Grod built a tower that was completely self sufficient and started messing with chemicals and alchemy. After becoming quite insane from being all alone, he realized that he could sell his potions for money. After selling random potions to people every now and then, he took on the name of "Drug Dealer." However, due to not enough interest in his products, Grod started luring people out of their safe cities into the country-side and robbing them blind, or killing them. Grod, in one of his visits to the Rift, met up with a man by the name of Liemond. Liemond was in the process of building a giant shopping mall in the Rift as it was easily accessible by everyone and all the portals ended up in the same general location. Grod helped Liemond, and took on the name "The Merchant." In thanks for Grod's help, Liemond let Grod set up a shop in the giant shopping mall, with prime location. Grod, now generally known as "The Merchant" moved all his merchandise to the shop, and began selling. Business was relatively slow, which gave The Merchant time to talk to the Rift lords, and get recognized as the best shopkeeper in the Rift (well, the only). At one point, The Merchant traveled to Rethosia in order to popularize his shop. The Merchant got a bad reputation right off the bat by the city coordinator, Theadore, by trying to sell him drugs. However, this was reconciled by the fact that during a random sniper attack, The Merchant heroically defended the city beside Theadore. However, The Merchant was shot in the face and died. It was thought to be the end of The Merchant, but the Rift lords decided otherwise. The Rift Lords realized there would be great profit in selling guns and ammunition, so they took the spirit of the Merchant and made it a ghost. The Merchant's Ghost was told to sell guns and ammunition for the rest of eternity. The Merchant's Ghost did as he was told, and made tons of money off of selling, but all of it was given to the Rift Lords. The Merchant's Ghost was not satisfied with not getting any profit from the endeavor, so he started taking money from his selling, and keeping it for himself. By doing this, the Rift Lords were none the wiser, and The Merchant's Ghost quickly became wealthy. By bribing the insane scientists living in the Rift, they built a suit that allowed the Merchant's Ghost to travel into the Overworld. The limitations were that he would slowly fade away, until he came back into the Rift, and that he could no speak or hold anything on him while in the Overworld (as the suit had to keep him completely separated from the Overworld, and simulate the Rift's conditions). The Merchant's Ghost operates his shop in the Rift, and has become well known for having absolutely everything anyone could ever want.

The Merchant's Ghost is completely harmless, although comes off as very intimidating. To a mortal, The Merchant's Ghost is probably the scariest thing ever. In order to ensure secure transactions, The Merchant's Ghost will always lock the door (using some unknown force) behind a customer, which can cause some to feel trapped. The Merchant's Ghost main goal is to sell items, and make a profit, but if one threatens him, he will kill using one of the many killing devices he has. The Merchant's Ghost is always open to negotiate, but not for useless items. Also, payments are to be done first, and the getting of items second. This has been, and always will be the case for The Merchant's Ghost.

Favorite Color:
Although thought to have no emotions or feelings, The Merchant's Ghost is quite sensitive. His favorite color is Dark purple, do to the fact that it is considered a deeply emotional color.

Interesting Facts about his Shop:
If purchases are made, The Merchant's Ghost offers free item repair and enchantment table usage. The item repair is free if the person supplies the Merchant's Ghost with the materials to fix it. The enchantment table has the ability to go up to level 50.

What He Hates:
The Merchant's Ghost hates one thing, and one thing only. That one thing is weak people. This can range from people who are poor and cannot afford any of his things, to people who are rich but do not know how to use their money or power. If a person is strong, the Merchant's Ghost can be one of the, if not the best, allies.

Directions to the Shop:
To get to the shop, one merely go into a Rift portal. If one does not find a sign pointing in the direction of the shop, they should ((/spawn)) in order to get close. ((WARNING: There is a drop in using /spawn which will not kill, but does do damage.)) Following the path to the giant cube made of scrap metal will lead to the shop.

Interesting Fact:
The Merchant's Ghost likes dogs, and is the main reason he goes to the Overworld in his suit.


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