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Post  Kthak5 on Thu Apr 12, 2012 8:51 pm

I fully admit that I have been trolling the whole time. i never actually hacked Sapers computer. He shut the server down himself. I know him in real life and when he told em he wanted to shut it down but didn't want you guys mad at him cause i know your starting a new server, I volunteered to make it act like i hacked him so you guys wouldnt be mad at him. you may be asking yourself why i would reveal this know when i have been having so much fun. Its cause you guys said your pursuing action against Serwqwaez and Shin who had nothing to do with this. i have never even spoken to shin but everyone hates him so i wanted to see your reactions. So basically don't go after them cause they didnt do anything. I cantp ost this on cause my account was suspended for 3 days cause i said i hacked someone. Its apparently against their tos to say that. i sent pm to asad and joeshmoy using a new account from my itouch cause i can ton my pc, but im not able to post from that device. Fior anybody that checks this forum can you relay the message onto

Also the server is dead. Saper himself shut it down so tell the people to stop appyling.

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Post  Catan_Bruce on Thu Apr 26, 2012 4:35 am

Why is the server dead? no one on it or?


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