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complaint against joe51498 Empty complaint against joe51498

Post  CrYpT_Weed204 on Sun Mar 18, 2012 4:04 am

Your MineCraft Account Username?: crypt_weed204
Your character: GOG
Their name(s):ign Doctor Grata, out character joe51498.
Offense: Breaking character, Metagaming
Re-count of situation/description: logged in and wax greeted with global ooc chat of Doctor Grata trying sell his characters book over global chat told him wc seemed not to care because he still spammed the sale of his book to almost every person that entered the server. If he wanted to do that should have used radio. also his claim against me is silly because it is based solely on the fact of internet but if he took the time and effort to read the server lore time line he would know internet is possible.

The satellite that was the origin of the great link crashed in the wasteland. Due to the efforts of the denizens living there, they were able to repair the damage that had befallen it, and launched it back into orbit. However, this was not before they discovered a message. The specific contents of it are unknown, but it basically stated that a race known as the Ih'Shruken were coming to destroy them. This made segway into the efforts of all major cities to create Earthly orbital defenses.

i care about server lore seems like he just don't give a damn.


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