Complaint against GOG.

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Complaint against GOG. Empty Complaint against GOG.

Post  joe514981 on Sun Mar 18, 2012 3:17 am

Your MineCraft Account Username?: joe51498
Your character: Doctor Grata
Their name(s): Ingame name is GOG, not sure about his IGN.
Offense: Breaking character, Metagaming
Re-count of situation/description: My character walked into union city, as the door was wide open only to be accosted by GOG. Once he told my character to get out, I asked why and he said that "The Rules are that only people who live here can come here". Doctor Grata noted that their weren't any rules posted, he responded (( Totally In character I might remind you.)) That he should've checked the union city site where all the rules are posted. My character naturally noted that his character was likely suffering from mental trauma and left. I tried to ask him OOCly if he understood what metagaming was, and how the internet dosen't exist in the ruined world universe due to a lack of a power grid and MANY other things. He responded that "You don't think that if aliens are invading they haven't figured out the internet?"
Witnesses: As the scenario took place in global (( Most of it anyway.)) Medic Mchenry and a few others spotted it.
Evidence: Mostly Witnesses, you could pull the chat file however.
Additional information:
Other Comments: He simply dosen't seem to understand the very core of RP, I'd suggest he read up on it a bit before trying to RP in the future.


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Complaint against GOG. Empty Re: Complaint against GOG.

Post  Black_Doom on Sun Mar 18, 2012 8:48 pm

Thank you for submitting your complaint. We will open up a line with GOG (CrYpT_Weed) and review with him on rules and regulations, for the time please refrain from confrontation of RP nature till things are settled in a reasonable matter.

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