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Post  Voltaire on Sat Mar 17, 2012 1:53 am

Well this is just an idea for now and if i can get the resources and help i will construct it.(I'll start it this is just to see if the ideas good)

Leader: Voltaire
Government: Its a democracy and the only thing about it is that Voltaire is the ruler and will be until he dies/leaves(IF). He will leave a will with who will succeed him after what ever happens and his rule goes. He cannot break a rule if he does he will be punished(Yes I will punish myself) and the laws will be posted in town and we have a system of voting(Books that are supplied) and people MUST meet Voltaire IC ONLY to join the town as it will be hidden.
Allies: Probably ShadowHelm and some people from Rethosia seeing as Voltaire has no enemies and is very mellow and calm.
Founded: 2458 A.D.
Coordinates: Not Released do to secrecy and privacy to all who will stay there..

Summary: After countless months rolled by and yet no where to settle Voltaire came across a mountain that was huge and had a valley full of green trees that surrounded the floor. He decided to start building a small shack when he found what looked to be an abandoned fort from a long time ago. He looked inside and found bunk rooms,an armory,a mess hall,and other rooms and found a sign reading "Fort Ragnarok"(We'll Survive the Apocalypse) he decided to keep the name and set up to building a small village so people wouldn't have to stay under the harsh weather condition's and he turned the fort into a small military base for any volunteers for a town guard. He hopes to finish the radio cell tower but from harsh rain storms he had lost many resources and some helpers to...

Power/Position in the Wastes: Well we over a city thats safe,remote yet close,and will be protected from anyone do to the fact of our supply of weaponry abandoned in the fort. We offer food,shelter,and protection to only citizens and guests must be permitted by a higher authority of guards/Voltaire.

Points of Interest: We have a old military base with a working generator. We also have what looks to be a broken yet repairable anti-air turret if we had a mechanic. We have a destroyed radio tower that can reach up to a couple miles away.

Current News: None

This is an Idea and apparently there are to many towns which i believe there should be a town limit say maybe
Small- Max 8
Medium- Max 10-12
Large- Max 15-18
This would help keep towns from overflowing and getting more and more people making just one town and like 3 abandoned ones or ones that have say 2 people.

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