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Post  tjdrago on Fri Mar 16, 2012 1:17 am

Jericho Marx was born to a fairly average sized Drakmua tribe in the Rift in the year 2425. They were more secluded than most tribes and only traded every so often. Even at a young age Jericho showed impressive intellect and situational awareness. One of the elders of his tribe took a liking to him and began to teach him everything he knew. By age 5 Jericho was extremely smart for his age and almost supernaturally aware of his surroundings and what was happening everywhere around him.

When he turned 7 a cycle of war began. His tribe was left mostly unscathed in the first few months because of their seclusion. After 5 months of not being bothered a tribe that they were loose allies with came to them. They said that a massive was breaking out and instead of multiple tribes fighting; the tribes broke into two factions. One faction was hell bent on keeping up the old ways, while the other wanted to end them and start anew without cycles of war and death. Jericho’s tribe was dragged into the war, but this war would not end as fast as the regular war cycles did.

After 9 months of war Jericho joined the army. His tribe had joined the side that supported new changes. He was a grunt for 1 and a half years fighting on fronts all throughout the rift. The problem with Rift fighting is that there is always lava beneath your feet. There were no real lines dividing the sides, so fighting happened everywhere. Jericho saw his friends fall from hundreds of feet to the ground below because of enemy traps that collapsed the ground. In that short time he was a grunt he saw more death than most people see their entire lives.

It was at one key point in the war that changed Jericho’s life. His platoon was pinned down under a stronghold and they couldn’t move. He made a decision to use a nearby portal to enter the real world and come back through another above the stronghold. They went through the portal and teleported to the surface. A portal blew into existence in a forest and everyone felt a shock wave go through them. Jericho figured out the distance it would be to make another portal and built it. When they went back through they were above their enemy and rained down hell from above winning the battle.

This battle changed Jericho’s life and the war itself. Jericho was made a commander and lead battles throughout the war, but now that both sides knew they could go to the surface the war raged out there to. The area of the rift they were at lead to an area in the over world known as the American South-East. Fires raged through the South-East’s forests as the Drakmua waged war throughout the land. Portals exploded into existence all over the area. Huge battles of thousands of Drakmua took place and at the head of almost all of them was Jericho. He was a tactical genius and turned the tides of many battles. After 7 years of fighting in the rift and the south-east Jericho won the war at the battle of Ruined Atlanta by annihilating the enemy army and killing they old ways leader.

After the war Jericho went back to his home in the rift and was a celebrated hero throughout the community. After 2 years of not being left alone he set out to find another place. He craved the feeling of war again. He wanted the adrenaline rush from being under fire, from jumping away from a grenade. He needed that rush. He set out north through the rift and eventually found a small collection of portals. He found one in a small rift brick building and went through. He ended up in a research facility called Forelance. A man named Trevor Drago gave him a proposition; become the military commander of Forelance’s army. He accepted and now waits for an inevitable war…

Jericho currently wears his suit of powered Rift armor from the Rift war on the over world so he can function better and not tire as quickly.


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