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In 2306 my grand fathers island city was slaughtered. I don’t know what did it or why they did, but the stories I’ve heard give me nightmares to this day. My Dad was the one who told me these stories. His dad, my grandfather, had started his town on a small island, secluded from everyone else. As more and more people got the urge to travel he had more and more visitors. The island he and settled, now named Drago’s Isle, was growing. After 10 years he had a city above the water with piers and board walks connecting each pelgo. The island thrived, but as with all stories of this nature it didn’t last long.

People started to go missing at night. No one knew why, but it was becoming more and more frequent. For weeks this phenomenon kept occurring and no amount and investigation could find out why. Suddenly one night a great howling was heard outside. Most people thought it was a Tsu Storm from the booming noise, but my grandfather knew better. He gathered the guards of the town and went out into the night. That was the last my dad heard of him. He ran away with his girl friend early the next morning when they heard the booming getting closer. As he rode the boat away from the island he could hear screams of anguish and terror. He knew whatever he had left behind was a monstrosity.

He ran off into the hills and settled in a bunker that had been his father’s safe house when the island started to grow. I was conceived in this bunker on August 16, 2418. My parents sought to teach me everything they could for one day, I would be on my own. The bunker was self sustaining, so I could learn all the basics. My father was a fighter at heart and taught me all he could. I was a decent enough fighter, but no master swords man, although I did enjoy the bow. My mother taught me how to farm and cook. I could cook fine for it didn’t take much, but I could really only grow trees, reeds, and melons. Wheat seemed to hate me. I did love one thing though that only my grandfather did, or so I was told. I loved technology. Now most humans aren’t great with technology, but put me behind any kind of computer and I’ll get right to it. My father also taught me how to mine although he couldn’t mine anything past the mid level ores I learned well enough.

When I was 17 my mother fell ill. We hadn’t been out on the surface for at least two years, so we and no idea where to go to get medicine. My father sent me out to find anyone that could help while he stayed with her. I left the bunker and traveled for two weeks. It seemed the wasteland was just that, a wasteland. Finally I stumbled on a settlement called Fireside. I went in and asked around to where I could get the medication my mother needed. Finally I found it, I could save her. I spent a night at fireside to rest up and eat good food then left. I made it home in 10 days, but when I approached the entrance to the bunker the hatch was flung open and a reeking smell escaped from it.

I quickly descended into the bunker to find a mix of burnt and mangled corpses that were slowly decomposing. A majority of them had leather vets on with a red “R” on the back. What that was I don’t know to this day. I found my dad lying dead in one of the back bedrooms with a gaping hole in his chest. My mother wasn’t around though. I kept going farther back into the bunker and finally entered the garden and there she hung… dangling from the birch tree she had planted at my birth. I stared in shock and sat down. The shock was so great I actually passed out for a couple of hours. I awoke t the smell of rotting flesh and sounds of someone picking through belonging. I walked out and into the atrium of the bunker to find two men picking through the bodies. I immediately picked up a bow and shot each one of the through the head without asking questions.

With the brutal death of my parents I now have an inner rage so intense that when released creates a path of destruction. I do not like what I have become, but the “R” raiders didn’t really think of what would happen to me then did they?

After I took what I could and left the bunker I roamed the wastes for 13 years seeking isolation and avoiding confrontation. No one should have to deal with the rage that dwells beneath my surface. Someone day I might settle down. I do lie islands, always preferred the isolation, much like my grandfather and who knows? Maybe today will be the day I sit down and figure things out.

He is currently the leader of Forelance.


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