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Slapacookie's Whitelist application Empty Slapacookie's Whitelist application

Post  Slapacookie on Sun Mar 11, 2012 9:53 pm

Out of Character
MineCraft account name:Slapacookie
Country of Residence and Time Zone:USA Pacific timezone
Define roleplaying in your own words, do you have any past roleplaying experiences?
Talking in character and Being someone ur not in usual minecraft.Also to perform an imaginary action within a fictitious setting.Basically be someone that really your not usually in the real world play a character like u would see at disneyland so that people believe you.
What is your reason for applying to this server?Well I just love role playing and i believe that i will make a good addition to this server. I am good with building and my rp is very good.
Have you been banned before, if so why?Yes i was banned on lord of the craft for yelling in shout channel.And posting weird pics on teamspeak but thats it nothing too bad. Im still a good player.
Do you agree with our rules? Yes i do
Will you use the server's official texture pack?yes i will

In Character
Character name: Billow_Shillins
What is your character's race?:Human
Your character's story so far:
He was born in a town called Trivansted. When he was 8 years old his father Stevis killed his mom Darcell because they could not afford to take care of here anymore cause she had a disease. Little Billow was terribly sad that he wept himself to sleep various nights.At about 17 years of age he decided to Build his own shop and become the most succesful businessman/trader in all of Trivansted. He would gather all the materials he could then sell them. This is how he supported him self and his father. Still he has not forgiven his father from what he did to his mom. This hate drives him so much he only gives his dad 1 and a half square meals each day. Only wishing that one day he would starve to death. One day while he was gather minerals for his shop some weird rain appeared in the sky it was black and made the ground sizzle. The boy at age 18 now did not know what it was so he hide in a shack he made about 1 week ago. Peering out the window he saw his dad chopping wood and yelled "Dad Hurry get over here" even though the boy hated him he did not want him to die. As he did not listen he continued to chop wood and as the rain came down his skin started to sizzle about 5 minutes later he saw his dad dead nothing but bones after the rain fall. He felt no emotions. About one year after his fathers death he decided to continue his business in Trivansted and later became one of the richest person in all human population. Hes 35 now and still living in Trivansted with his new dog Bud.
Does or did your character have any companions or family?he had a mom and dad they both died. Now he has a dog named bud.
How old is your character?35
Describe what your character looks like, any distinctive physical features? Yes he is very built because of all the mining and woodcutting he has done for his shop. He has very dark black hair and green/teal eyes. He is 6'9 tall.
How does your character act? He is very courageous and does not fear most things. He does not feel any emotions since they have been scarred from him from both of his parents death.
Character's occupation:He was selling wood for a outrageous price when the apocalypse hit.
Does your character have an education? He can read and write very well he has a high school education. Taught himself how to do math to.
Any special skills that your character has, nothing unbalanced: He is a very skilled trader. And can survive in most places. He also has very good skill levels at mining and woodcutting.
Does your character hate or fear anything? He only fears acid rain.
Describe an example of your character in great suffering and pain (RP): I was walking in a forest when a storm appeared over my head. I looked up in fear because I remembered when my first encounter with this weather happened. I ran as fast as I could to a nearby cave. I said to myself like a madman "I wont die like my father did, I can make it through this I am a real man". I waited in the cave hoping that the storm would clear it never did. I kept repeating "I will live through this". Repeating that same line over and over again. Later about a day after the storm started it ended. I walked out and saw all the trees weeping out gray stuff. I walked back to the town of Trivansted and saw some people died some living. This moment made me very terrified.
Provide an image of your character's skin:Slapacookie's Whitelist application Skin_111


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Slapacookie's Whitelist application Empty Re: Slapacookie's Whitelist application

Post  hello2u08 on Tue Mar 13, 2012 3:17 am

this is going to be rejected. i guarantee it. i will not even HINT at what you did wrong


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Slapacookie's Whitelist application Empty Re: Slapacookie's Whitelist application

Post  Black_Doom on Tue Mar 13, 2012 11:23 am

Slapacookie wrote:Out of Character
MineCraft account name:Slapacookie

Character name: Billow_Shillins

- *Snicker* *Snack* this is how I cut my apps -


Wow...just like hello2u08 had said you missed what we require to see in your application, but just so that we may not waste time in the next application I will do my review.

The prereqs are lacking in content that is required for people to get accepted into the server.

The character's story is lacking in the intervention of our post apocalyptic lore, also remember that when you enter our world you will be a drifter, with only his personality luggage. So no "rich living" till you make it happen in our world, then you can write your story like that.

Your RP scenario requires more beef and sauce to show that you can play in our world. If you are in emotional trauma then break deeper into it. If you get burned, express it and then transcribe it. I'll be watching for this if you resubmit your application.

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Slapacookie's Whitelist application Empty Re: Slapacookie's Whitelist application

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