Complaint Against byron4444 [Dropped]

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Complaint Against byron4444 [Dropped] Empty Complaint Against byron4444 [Dropped]

Post  codycg on Sat Mar 10, 2012 11:54 am

Your MineCraft Account Username?: codycg
Your character: Cody
Their name(s): Possibly byron4444
Offense: Metagaming, griefing.
Re-count of situation/description: I logged in this morning and looked over a few things around town. All seemed fine. Logged out for an hour or so til the server got a few people on it. When I came back in, I noticed "byron4444" was not in the nether region. Which is against the rules. As his character is dead. He was in "Kevs" house. Messing around with the pistons. I asked him about it. All he had to say was "Aww how cute" and immediately logged. Which I thought was odd to begin with. Then I go to my "Inn" in Rothesia or however you spell it. Only to notice every door had 2 blocks missing. Someone OOCly broke in to each and every room. Not only this. But in the basement. The "sticky pistons" were mysteriously missing. Along with the glass and water used for the mechanism. The top floor of the Inn. Was missing a lot. As well as the rooms below. Missing things were, glass, wooden planks which made up the walls, and flooring. The beds. Stone slabs etc... And I strongly believe it was him.

His motive?, well I believe his OOC motive. As he couldn't ICly be in there. Was my character told him off in the rift. Due to my character being ripped off. I told byron ABSOLUTELY NO in character information on me. And I was wearing nearly full armor. Covering my face, and clothing. He must have taken it OOCly. Came to Rothesia, and started to grief my building. As it is the ONLY building in the entire town with my own name on it. What a coincidence hm?
Witnesses: None
Evidence: Screen Shot's. Can't post the link due to the stupid forum. I'll have Doom post it below.
Additional information:
Other Comments:

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Complaint Against byron4444 [Dropped] Empty Re: Complaint Against byron4444 [Dropped]

Post  Black_Doom on Sat Mar 10, 2012 11:58 am


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Complaint Against byron4444 [Dropped] Empty Re: Complaint Against byron4444 [Dropped]

Post  Grod on Sat Mar 10, 2012 1:01 pm

(I am writing this under the name of Grod, as it is my characters name. I am The Merchant's Ghost, and I am byron4444. If you need proof, well... "I sell guns and ammo, as well as everything else." should suffice)

If I may clarify what happened,

I was in the overworld (the regular world) because when I log out of the server while in the Nether, anytime I go into a portal it sends me to a random one in Greyhope. (I believe uNether is broken if one spends too much time in the Nether). I was in Kev's house because he allowed me to use his portal inside, and I have never touched/taken anything from him. (I gave him a birthday present once, but thats the only way I changed anything inside his house) I was playing with the pistons (which are pressure plates connected to pistons that open a wall) because I was bored, and it was somehow enjoyable at the time (I do apologize if it offended anyone, I will not do such things again).

I also am working on an RP reason for allowing me into the overworld, which is on the fact that I live with scientists down in the Rift, and they have invented a suit that allows me to go into the overworld. However I may not speak or fight or really do anything, just listen. (The RP reason is still a work in progress, I have not openly used it yet except at one point to test it out)

Now codycg believes I have greifed his house for some odd reason. Have saper use his scanning thing, and he will know that I did not do it. The fact that he would think he is the first person to tell me off is quite amusing to me (I get cursed out daily by people angry at my prices xD) I would never grief, and never have. And just for the record, my character did not rip him off, and was actually incredibly generous (but that is besides the point).

If anyone believes it was wrong of me to respond with "aww cute" to him questioning my whereabouts, I did it OOC, hence the (()) and it was a little rude of me, so I apologize.

Any more complaints, and I will be happy to address them. Also, I sell guns and ammo in my shop in the Rift, come down anytime and we can work out a deal Very Happy

Have a nice day,
The Merchant's Ghost (byron4444)


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Complaint Against byron4444 [Dropped] Empty Re: Complaint Against byron4444 [Dropped]

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