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Post  Fuzzlezexion on Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:03 am

Leader: Shadowlord Anderith
Government: Currently None
Founded: January, 2454
Coordinates: Unknown
Population: 1

Summary - Shadowhelm was the failsafe plan for the city of Greyhope for the impending alien invasion. However, with the reactor meltdown in Greyhope, Shadowhelm was sealed off far beneath the surface. The caretaker, Anderith, had been given the job of protecting the inhabitants when they arrived. The explosion made sure that never happened, and Anderith was sealed in with the city. After many days of digging and mining, Anderith managed to secure an entrance to the surface and therefore keep the city alive. He now watches over it, waiting for the day people shall come to inhabit it, far from the dangers of the surface wastes.

Power and Position in the Wastes - Shadowhelm is unknown to the larger cities, having no radio transmitter powerful enough to penetrate the layers and layers of broken metal and dirt that lays atop it. This also prevents radio waves from entering the city, and shields it from all but the most powerful sensors. Laying deep underground near the blasted ruins of Greyhope, it is doubtful the Shadowhelm shall be a major player in the wastes any time soon.

Points of Interest - Shadowhelm has a massive generator, powered by several powercell reactors and an immense "Rift Generator", harnessing its Geo-physical energy to vent excess radiation into the Rift, and in the event of a meltdown like the one at Greyhope, to drag the reactors themselves fully into the Rift. The other unique feature of Shadowhelm is the ever-present grey mist that rises up from the impenatrable metal plates that form a large portion of the floor. From direct exposure, the mist seems to be harmless, though long term effects are still unknown.

Current News - Shadowhelm now has a productive farm, and is currently still expanding outwards. It is projected that inevitably some part of Shadowhelm will break the surface, which will unquestionably lead to it reaching out for support from nearby towns.


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