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Maeron Daril Tarriq (JCQuiinn) Application Empty Maeron Daril Tarriq (JCQuiinn) Application

Post  JCQuiinn on Sun Mar 04, 2012 9:14 pm

Out of Character
MineCraft account name: JCQuiinn
Country of Residence and Time Zone: PST; USA
Define roleplaying in your own words, do you have any past roleplaying experiences? Roleplaying is an interaction between two or more players, where a player assumes the role of a character. When you roleplay you interact with an environment or other players, helping to build an engaging story.
What is your reason for applying to this server? I find myself searching for an engaging RP server. My previous experience with the old server has led me to be interested in this one. I'm also an old RP buddy of Richaro, who I am certain can vouch for me.
Have you been banned before, if so why? Nope.
Do you agree with our rules? Of course.
Will you use the server's official texture pack? I plan too, yes.

In Character
Character name: Maeron Daril Tarriq
hat is your character's race?:Human
Your character's story so far:

Maeron was acquired by Faelon Tarriq on a hot summer day. No one in the rural town of Bervinda knew how Faelon came upon this child, though they all knew it was not his biologically. The entire town could not help loving the little kid, who always had a way of putting a smile on the residents faces.

Maeron’s earliest memory was when he was around eight, and still in the care of Faelon Tarriq. At this early age he was a sickly child, living on the extra scraps Tarriq could get his hands on. Faelon, being the kind old man he was, taught Maeron the basics of how to read and write. Around this time he started to work with Faelon, keeping the cities walls in good condition. Also Faelon began to show the young Maeron how to use an old .22 rifle, which he grew quite attached too.

Faelon died at the ripe old age of 76 when Maeron was only ten years old. For around five months he wandered the streets of Bervinda, doing odd jobs and begging for food. Around this time a new resident showed up in town, buying an old, rundown shack on the outskirts. The man, Amedius Valdimar, became a sort of role model to the kid. Maeron would always prioritize the hunter’s supply runs, and would constantly beg him to become an apprentice.

At the age of eleven Maeron finally convinced Amedius to take him on as an apprentice. Due to his former training with firearms from Tarriq, his training went by relatively quickly. It was also at this time that Maeron was taught how to use close combat weapons. Before a half year of his apprenticeship had passed Maeron was taken on his first hunting expedition. During this he bagged two Xig’s and a Xow. This is most likely the happiest moment of his early childhood.

Two and a half years later Amedius was injured while hunting, losing his right leg to a fuel bot. Understanding that he could no longer care for the child, Amedius called in a favor with one of his best friends. Raanan Derevontre, a very successful merchant who made a small fortune between the various towns. While not one to immediately accept the idea of adopting the young Maeron, Raanan could not refuse his lifelong friend. Around a month later, when Raanan left for the city of Miseria Rocks, a new apprentice accompanied him.

Maeron proved quite useful on the journey, contributing to them having a more enjoyable dinner than usual, and using his physical strength to help them dig in during a Tsu Storm. Raanan’s 15 year old daughter, Kelia, hit it off immediately with Maeron, taking it upon herself to teach him to write. Raanan too grew to like Maeron, teaching the boy the aspects of accounting and haggling a good trade.

Five years would soon pass, Maeron earning his position in the family. During his time with the Derevontres, he worked to nearly double their wealth. Also during this time, he also grew close to Kelia Derevontre, closer than siblings to be. Then late one summer day is 2207, the both ran off, taking with them two rifles, a Mini14 and an AR15. Also with them was ten days of travel rations, and enough wealth to take care of them for several months.

Over the next two years they traveled the wastes together, following Raanan’s trade, while continuing to work as hunters. During this time they made a particularly valuable discovery, an old, battered, fallout shelter. They spent much of their time repairing and furbishing the shelter. Around this time their relationship was first strained, Kelia became pregnant. Over the next nine months they decided they could not take care of the child, yet they could not bring themselves to kill it. The decided to hold onto the child till it was two and a half years old, then leave it in her father’s care.

Maeron’s encounter with Raanan nearly cost him his life, as the elderly merchant nearly blew Maeron’s head off for running of with his daughter. Maeron instead took a different approach, breaking in and leaving the child in Raanan’s quarters. They would get no word of the child for several years, until they discovered that he was well cared for by the aging Raanan.

Then one day, in the late summer, not long after Maeron returned, that fateful day caught up with them. It started like any other day, Maeron woke Kelia with a kiss, and they both decided to go hunting. That day though, a single bullet would mix their blood together. After bagging several shots Maeron was shot through the hip. He returned fire, killing the assailant, only to see that the same shot that had pierced his skin had hit a major artery of Kelia's, causing her to bleed out before his eyes. He would stare over the body for several hours before picking up her rifle, her supplies, and start to walk.

It would be nearly a week before he later stopped at a city, and that was only long enough to sell the Mini14 and its corresponding ammo, and restock his supplies. He would continue on a trek like so for several years, till he finally could no longer cry. He finally settled down in the current region.

Does or did your character have any companions or family? No biological family that he knows of. He has several adopted fathers. His first went by the name Fealon Tarriq, an old, gentle guard of the trade town Bervinda. When the old man died several years later, another man, a hunter by the name of Amedius Valdimar, adopted him. Several more years would pass and due to his inability to take care of Maeron, Amedius passed the twelve year old onto Raanan Derevontre, a wealthy merchant who made his living moving from town to town trading rare goods. During this time Kelia was his adoptive sister, and later his lover.

How old is your character? 25

Describe what your character looks like, any distinctive physical features? (Google 'man with no name').
Maeron has a deep scar along his right hip. He has two tattoos, one in the shape of a dragon’s mouth over his right eye, the other a crude, homemade picture of Kelia Derevontre half-naked that is located on his back. He also wears a full ACU uniform with a mat-black gasmask.

How does your character act? Maeron is quiet and conserved, and will often keep to himself what he knows he must tell others. Also, he is very submissive to those he trusts, and can be easily exploited in such a way. He has a general distrust of women who try making advances on him, due to the painful memories of Kelia.

Character's occupation: Maeron is a freelance hunter and trader, along with the basic skills as a warrior. He developed much of his hunting ability from Amedius Valdimar, having gone on several hunting expeditions with him. Furthermore, over the years after he was passed on to Raanan Derevontre, he continued to tune his abilities. Also, he learned to read, write, and barter while being an adoptive son of Raanan Derevontre. He also has military skills from his limited time with local militia groups.

Does your character have an education? Yes, he can. When he was ten, Faelon Tarriq taught Maeron how to read. Around the age of fourteen he was adopted by Raanan Derevontre, a wealthy trader. Raanan, along with his daughter Kelia, taught Maeron how to write.

Any special skills that your character has, nothing unbalanced: Maeron is experienced at navigating the wastes, and has also developed a personal code for conversing with trusted friends. (If needed I can supply a sample.) He is also quite good at reading people.

-Does your character have any mental or physical disabilities? Any health problems?: Maeron is allergic to penicillin, and has suffered minor radiation poisoning in his life. Furthermore his right hip is somewhat weak from an old wound.

Does your character hate or fear anything? Maeron fears growing close to someone, and then losing them, much the same way he lost Kelia. Furthermore he is deeply afraid of Raanan Derevontre, considering that he ran off with the man’s daughter, and then let her die. His deepest fear of all is dying a quiet, lonely death, unsung and unremembered.

Describe an example of your character in great suffering and pain (RP): Maeron groaned in pain as he sat up slowly, feeling a knot in his back pop painfully. He muttered a curse as he stood from the wretched plank that could scarcely be called a bed. Rubbing his eyes gently he reached his hand over, flicking on the power feed of a lamp. Turning back to the bed he brushed his hand along Kelia’s cheek, pausing for a moment. After taking in the peaceful site for several minutes he bent down and kissed her cheek, causing her eyes to open slowly. He greeted her with a smile as he turned away.

“Glad to see you’re finally up… Anything you’re up to doing today?” Maeron asked as he quickly stripped, changing into his black, matted leather uniform. As he chatted he reached into a small storage unit built into the wall and pulled out a chunk of Xig, which he proceeded to cut into two equal parts with a quick slash of a knife.

Kelia yawned slightly as she stood, also changing into her own identical uniform. “That’s the last Xig we’ve got isn’t it, we should probably snag a few this morning. Also we’re running low on water, perhaps a trip to trade that Xow leather is in order?”

Maeron nodded in reply as he snapped the seals on his uniform close. As he fumbled with the straps on his gasmask he leaned over, giving Kelia a quick, brutal kiss. Smiling, they both proceeded to seal up the rest of their clothing.

Satisfied, Maeron palmed a reprogrammed hand scanner, which opened on a hydraulic hiss. Reaching in Maeron passed a half dozen boxes of ammo to Kelia, and grabbed the two most precious possessions they owned. The first, an old, battered AR15 which had been repaired more times than could be counted. The other was a simple Mini14, a brutally deadly weapon. Keeping the AR15 in hand, Maeron passed the Mini14 to Kelia. Almost in hindsight he grabbed two extra banana clips for both rifles, and two extra boxes of ammo.

Popping open his compass, Maeron palmed a second hand scanner, exposing them to the harsh wastelands. Kelia brushed past him, her Mini14 raised. Maeron watched as she descended down the side of the hill, waiting a handful of seconds before the radio blurted, “Sword Meets Field, Pattern Alpha Clear.”

On cue Maeron descended down the hill to Kelia, tapping his own radio, “Renegade Respond, Pattern Alpha Acknowledged, executing.” Skidding to his knees beside Kelia, he patted her on the back before raising his rifle. Zeroing in the scope he let it drift back and forth across the field. There… Now slowly, breath in….

His eyes fixed on a Xig, and he breathed out slightly, easing the trigger…

As the Xig fell he adjusted his aim, firing at the same time Kelia did.


Satisfied Maeron lowered his rifle, looking down as the last of the herd ran off, leaving four of their kind bleeding on the ground. Smiling under her mask, Kelia stood up and grasped his hand. Maeron, letting her pull him up, took the first step down tow-.


Before a second had passed Maeron had tackled Kelia back into the trench, snapping his rifle around. Zeroing in on a faint figure in the darkness Maeron pulled the trigger once.


The figure collapsed backward. Maeron put his foot forward, putting his weight onto his right hip and, “Gah!”

Pain laced up through his hip and into his side. Collapsing he grasped his hip, his hand being covered in blood. “Shit, Kelia… Pass me the med kit… Kelia? Kelia?”

Provide an image of your character's skin:
It tells me I cannot post a link as a guest. However I can assure you my skin is legal. It is simply a full ACU uniform with a gasmask.

Fuck yo shit, i got a mustache


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Maeron Daril Tarriq (JCQuiinn) Application Empty Re: Maeron Daril Tarriq (JCQuiinn) Application

Post  Black_Doom on Mon Mar 05, 2012 2:08 am

JCQuiinn wrote:
MineCraft account name: JCQuiinn

Character name: Maeron Daril Tarriq

- Snicker Snack this is how I cut my apps -

Ok I had been waken up to do reviews cause of you, so be happy that it is on this night that I read your story and also needed to get an outside poll to help me in the final poll verdict.

Your story is detailed and grabbing covering in very empirical detail from point to point. I must say you truly are out to impress and even more so you have the RP example to boot.

I found your example to be worthy of being an exert of a hot best selling book. I see without a doubt that you will fit well in this server. Though you do not have a pic in the app I would still ask for a link but I will let you loose with one simple word.


Be merry this day for you are joining the few who make it to play in our league and see just how awesome this server plays.

Side credit to codycg, for outside review.

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