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My application: story of GOG Empty My application: story of GOG

Post  CrYpT_Weed204 on Fri Mar 02, 2012 6:32 pm

Out of Character
MineCraft account name:CrYpT_Weed204

Country of Residence and Time Zone:Canada, CDT

Define roleplaying in your own words, do you have any past roleplaying experiences?Yes i played the original AD&D books and also dabbled in LARP.

What is your reason for applying to this server? Lots of my friends play on this server so i decided to join them.

Have you been banned before, if so why?Nope.

Do you agree with our rules?Yes.

Will you use the server's official texture pack?Yes

In Character
Character name: (Last names aren't required)GOG.

What is your character's race?:Human.

Your character's story so far:Long time ago when the earth was whole and healthy pre 2011 before the resource wars started it was prophesied that there was going to be two great union messiahs. this first was born into the golden age of earth. He was dubbed CrYpT_Weed204. For he lead the first slave rebellion with his companions dirt Mcgirt and the pink wool bandit. Before CrYpT_Weed204 the slaves slept on the streets of Empire city next to their chests while the overseer "BLACK_DREAD" lived in a warm dry town house the slaves built for him. CrYpT_Weed204 formed the first local workers union and the slaves where treated like men and paid for their labors and free from he tyranny of the overseer BLACK_DREAD. All seemed well but BLACK_DREAD formed a devious plan to break the union by offering CrYpT_Weed204 a job as his apprentice to be upper management. The offer was too good to refuse and as soon as he accepted the trap was set for once u become management u can no longer be part of the union the power of the dark side was too great to resist and for his greed the world was "reset" in 2039 when the great EMP went off and many millennia passed slave labor came back with vengeance and with it came a new dictator "DARK_GRIM". But with the arise of great evil springs greater good. Here enters the second union messiah GOG will we follow in CrYpT_Weeds420's foot steps or rise to the height of greatness or be just another false prophet? only time will tell....

Does or did your character have any companions or family?yes dirt McGirt & the pink wool bandit

How old is your character?31.

Describe what your character looks like, any distinctive physical features?Long hair and beard. tanned from exposure to sun.

How does your character act?Good morals try to keep to my self but if i see someone in need ill try and help them out w/o them knowing about it.

Character's occupation:union rep/shop steward

Does your character have an education? (Read or write)yes being a shop steward knows a lot about labor laws

Any special skills that your character has, nothing unbalanced:ability to negotiate the best deal

Does your character hate or fear anything?the return of slave labor

Describe an example of your character in great suffering and pain (RP): DARK_GRIM:"hello slaves i have a project for you. All of you will build for me a exact scale model of the great wall of china with nothing but wooden tools MAHAHAHAAH and of course there will be unpaid overtime. That is if i paid u at all HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!"

GOG:"O DEAR GOD PLEASE LET A STONE FALL ON ME AND END THIS NIGHTMARE!!!!!! even tho there is no such thing as workers comp. death will be it's own eternal payment."

GOG falls to his knees and weeps for all that potential profit and payment going to waste and what his fellow slaves have to endure. With that final insult making GOG snap him and his fellow slaves rise up and start the second slave rebellion and abandon the city of Rethosia and forge out in to the harsh world where they ate nothing but poisonous mutant meat. Lots of the slaves died on the long journey but those who made it where rewarded with freedom and self respect, to be able to consider oneself a man and have worth again and thus UNION CITY LOCAL 420 was born.

Provide an image of your character's skin:My application: story of GOG 2012-02-28_224422
"Fuck yo shit, i got a mustache"

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My application: story of GOG Empty Re: My application: story of GOG

Post  Black_Doom on Mon Mar 05, 2012 1:28 am

Alright your Backstory is quite unique but off in the sense of beginning or of including in the servers lore. The Objective of course is to present your character with a point of entrance and direction and to that you give that but increased elaboration is going to be required.

Your RP demonstration is way too short and needs to be extended. A larger set scenario of your character in pain and physical suffering would be best to follow through with. Please rework your application and try re-posting it for reviewing.


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