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Post  tjdrago on Fri Mar 02, 2012 5:16 pm

Forelance started out as a mining company in the year 2300. They were a group of people that had left Drago's Isle from over crowding and sought a new island. They discovered a larger island to the West of Drago's Isle. Communication between Drago's Isle and the new island was kept up until one day in 2306 Drago's Isle stopped responding. Members of the new island grew worried and sent search parties. They discovered a massacre had taken place at the island and fled as soon as they had seen what had occurred. From then on they became secluded and cut off all contact with the outside world.

The people on the island developed into there own community calling themselves, Forelance. They started a mining company of sorts and made huge mine shafts and rail ways under their island. As they found more and more resources they sent out merchants to trade with others, calling themselves the Forelance Merchants. They never disclosed where they had come from and kept it a secret where eve they went. After years of digging up raw minerals the mines ran dry, but they had discovered something unreal.

In the year 2345 Forelance Labs was established. It was committed to gaining scientific knowledge and research. In their old mines they had discovered other dimensions and beings from them as well. Their new research facility, built just above the old mines was committed to finding all they could about the world they lived in and the also the ones they didn't. They made great leaps in Rift research. They found out that the Rift is actually smaller in scale compared to the world above, so they can travel short distances I the Rift that would normally be competitively long in the over world.

Other advances include Artificial Intelligence or AI for short. Their first AI was created by the mind of Trevor Drago. He named it R4YNK0R. The first AI did not do all that much. It would wander around and acknowledge the presence of other creatures, but that was about it. The second AI created by Trevor Drago was named F3N1X. It could function much faster and was more self aware than the previous AI. It became self-aware shortly after it was created and began to provide its own kind of security for Forelance. It was more or less a military android and attacked all hostile threats, but it could do more than destroy. It interacted with an unknown species of villagers and gave flowers to their children. F3N1X protected these villagers from any threat arose no matter how great.

In the year 2350 Forelance recruited a near scientist, Roland Nai, he was a genetics engineer. Roland spliced DNA strands into current human DNA to give the patient their desired ability. He made great leaps in genetics during his time at Forelance because of the facilities that were provided.

One scientist that was part of Forelance for the longest time was Peter Frall. He was a botanical engineer and his greatest achievement of al laws that of the bio-spheres. Huge underground vaults that contained flora and fauna from all parts of the globe, these bio-spheres kept the harmful toxins of the wastes away from humanities last surviving species. Every biome had its own sphere which housed all the flora and fauna of that biome. These vaults were scattered underground all over the wasteland. You can thank Peter Frall for the meat you eat today because anything that lives on the surfaces escaped from his vaults that decayed over time and crumbled from earth shattering earth quakes.

In 2352 Forelance saw the wasteland becoming a more and more violent place. Two cities had gone to war on the mainland and the destruction was devastating. Forelance needed protection so they started their own private army. They recruited mercenaries and assassins from all over the wastes to join their army based out of Forelance Island. The island was fortified and made near impenetrable from outside attacks. Guards walked the walls day in and day out. No one would touch Forelance, but then again almost no one knew where it was.

Forelance continues its works in scientific achievement to this day in secret. No one knows what they do or where they do it, but the next discovery they make could affect anyone and everyone.


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