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Roland Nai: Genetic Engineer Empty Roland Nai: Genetic Engineer

Post  BlueScope on Fri Feb 10, 2012 11:20 pm

"Fireballs and extra arms!
Muscle mass and battle scars!
Doctor Nai will fix and splice
always for a low low price!"
- Advertisement for the services provided by Roland Nai

Roland Nai, genetic engineer at your service!


Roland Nai is professionally trained gentic engineer, and delights in exploring new genetic traits. He is often willing to pay for the genes that he hasn't yet seen, and is especially interested in new species. With his machines, he can insert any trait that he has aquired into his patients. Due to a large amount of practice oppurtunities, he is also becoming quite the accomplished trauma surgeon. His long term goals include immortality and a small beach front home to retire to.

He originally resided in the nearby Gryphon Station, but after some philosophical disagreements with the leadership of the town, which resulted in him having to roam the wastes to look for a new place to settle. Soon after, he found residence in Bavaria. Shortly after establishing a small at-home lab, he grew the first living clone to exist in the wasteland, from the genetic code of a dead person. Soon after, he requested and recieved permission to consrtuct a large labratory, to further his research. The facility, known fondly as "The Lab", was completed a year later, and remains a building where anyone can come for everything from an eye color change, to a third arm. He remained netural during the conflict between Bavaria and Rethosia, and when the opposing town won the battle, he was the first to suggest unity over continued battle. Another notable event Doctor Nai participated in was the reestablishment of the Great Link after the sattelite fell to Earth. Working around the clock with other scientists, warriors, and specialists of every faction, the Great Link was quickly returned to space, and communication reestablished. During the invasion of the Il'Shuriken, he assisted by assembling the first cannon, the designs's of which were used in various other places to make similar cannons. When his cannon was blown, he, for the first time, revealed his new breed of insect like creatures, the Sacbrood. Not much is known about the Sacbrood.

To this day, he resides happily in Gryphon StationBavariaRethosia, still ready and eager to examine and reorder the genes of anyone who walks through his double set of steel reinforced doors. He is currently entertaining an offer to join a larger conglomerate of scientists.. He is now examining said facility, and is very impressed with what he sees. He has joined said facility, as of now, and is head of genetics at Forelance.


Alignment: NN (True neutral)

Roland is generally a good guy, but has a dark side that gets him into trouble with some 'close minded' people. Read 'closed minded' as a person not accepting of a large purple cat that spews acid and devours the flesh of the living as a pet.

Factions that Roland is in:
Gryphon Station Deserted
Bavaria Deserted
The Brotherhood
The Nightblades

Roland was instrumental in the intial negotiations between Bavaria and Rethosia, silently brokering a dealt that protected everyone he cared about from being killed during the war, and afterwards preventing the town from being burned down.

Roland would LITERALLY kill to aquire the key to immortality. So far so good, he has aquired several life-extending genes. Done and done. Immortality aquired at a severe cost, and you can kill him in any of the normal ways, he simply doesn't age.
Roland would NEVER splice himself other than to attain immortalitiy, he is afraid of becoming like the scientists of the rift.
No longer true, the dangers of the waste have finally got to him, and now the benefits outweigh the dangers of repeated splicing. This may eventually leave him disfigured, but stronger than ever. This has left his disfigured. However, you ain't even seen his final form.

Roland is generally a pacifist, and will try to talk or bribe his way out of a situation, or if things get bad, dive for one of his many bolt holes. If backed into a corner, however, expect a few rabid jabs to vital organs, follwed by a syringe to the eye socket. Fireballs, tentacles, chitin coating, web spinning, posioning, acid spewing and general dismemberment.
Roland has a moderate severe case of paranoia, and as a result has a large number of hidden bolt holes and bunkers that he can run to.
Roland is most proud of his advances in the science of gentic engineering, and maintains a relativley large ego regarding the subject. Stroking it will get you places.
Roland is an excellent diplomat, and uses this to his advantage when he needs something a task done, or an object aquired. He uses this same skill in his capacity as a Brotherhood operative, but 'diplomacy' would be better termed 'manipulation'.

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Roland Nai: Genetic Engineer Empty Re: Roland Nai: Genetic Engineer

Post  BlueScope on Mon Mar 26, 2012 9:38 pm

After reading Black_Doom's entries, I thought it would be a good idea to keep a record of my own, seems like a lot of fun Very Happy

I'll just pick up where I am, and fill in old entries later.

Research Notes:
Most recent experimentation complete sucsess, regarding project I have deemed 'Organic API'. This 'device', though in truth it is not, exactly a device per say, has taken well to the pairing with the subject, deemed Subject A. Within three days the pairing will be complete, and full reintegration of the host's normal DNA, plus the DNA associated with the splicing of course, will be in full effect. Until then, the normal... 'messy' splicing that I have been doing since acsess to my primary labratory has become unreasonable will remain in effect. Subject A has undergone two previous procedures, and suffered no ill effects. The organic API will allow for easier splicing of the subject in the future, and much easier removal of the modifications, if desired by the patient.

Sacbrood research progresses well, I need to vist Forelance to confirm growth of a type THREE!!! The type ones and twos can defend my Rethosian labratory while I'm away. The new larva are VERY important to the further development of the organic API! On a side note, telematry recieved from mointering stations in Forelance show that my very first type three is proving resistant to my pheramonal signatures. It may become necissary to terminate subject.

Frustratingly, the birth rate the wastes has been very low. How is one supposed to study the 'long term effects of radiation from passing generations' if there is no goddamn new generation?

Project Kill All Alien Invaders needs renaming, perhaps Project Newhope? Project Greenthumb? In either case, I am fully ready to advance to the next stage, assuming I can secure the samples promised to me by my associate at Rayjack. If he is unable to give me what I need, I may have to go directly to Forelance, and see if they have anything there.

A note on progression of my body, though I have achieved immortality, I still feel the desire to improve my asthetics. This is impossible due to the triple helix that I need to sustain immortality, and my unwillingness to test the organic API on myself.

Serial 0a1 stored sucsessfully... and secretly. To do: Entrust someone with information.

Project Infinity slowed to a standstill. Horribly depressing. To do: Wait. Just wait.
Ethical ramifications of Project Infinity: Minimal.

To do:
Project Inifinty
Sythesize Serial oi1
Store relevant data relating to Serial oi1

Personal Notes:

It appears that the majority of the residents in Rethosia accept me, but I am wary of several, who do not appear to be trusting. Trust is a funny thing, you try to show people you have nothing but the best intentions, and yet they still dismiss you because of idiot bigotry. Kronaak trusts me at least, so I can stay in town.

Immortality. A subject that carries great contriversy, or so it appears. Given an infinite time, all things are possible. I look forward to a new dawn of humanity. Why some would reject even the concept of immortality boggles me. Dead is dead, this is unrefutable, so why limit yourself to a single lifespan?

On a final note, what the hell is with the human ambition to destroy? Create create create, that's the future.


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