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Ih'shruken (eh shrookin)
Color/scale color range

Blue(Mostly common)

They are of the best when it comes to combat situations and locating creatures with their heightened senses, smell,sight,hearing and the ability to absorb all types of radiation to a limit before their scales harden and morph into bone plates to weigh them down as a safety procaution to others around them because this causes their sanity to be more fragile in the situation that they
must absorb deadly ammounts of radiation to other species, the reason behind this is not genetic, more crafted in the early days of the race to make this possible whereas before when they did they would become highly agile as in their limbs would bend and twist in ways that would normally break or snap, in times of battle troops would have radiation packs to only be used in times of desperality and thus had higher survivability rates but decreased the sanity levels of users. they are fairly weak at birth and their scales never truely harden until they are of age 80 or 90 then from then on their scales will become more dense and shine less in sunlights, because of this very insolation to retain their moisture and they are highly resistant to most heat and impact forces.
(Normal life spans last around their birth to 1,000 years at maximum if they were not in combat or exposed to radiation in their lives)

Red(less then half of how many blues are born)

Despite the Red Scales once being one of the most common Scales, they lost most of their numbers during the plague that ravaged the entire race's numbers, they managed to keep most or atleast most that would keep the genetic strain from dying out long enough for them to create a cure, which even for them was hard because of its time that it happend, because of their already strained psionic powers some of the elders from the "Beginning Age" died giving their lives to preserve the race. even as the race strain was preserved. though for younglings it is weaker then the elders they can (on average)move an object that weighs from 40 pounds to 200, that only progresses as they age. their scales are much much more fragile then their blue and white brethren, they however regenerate at near instantanious speeds if the victim is aware and isnt too fatal of a strike(meaning if its decapitated its decapitated, and if its a disease it will be cured if its monitored by other Red Scales and doesnt Mutate at speeds of say -splits into two per 30 seconds and infects every cell-) in their young lives they are to be trained by elders to know how to manipulate matter in ways that helps or harms others, craft or destroy structures. most things that are created in the Ih'shruken way are almost always created by Red Scales, along with their ships despite how long it would take another race to create a ship capable of flying, it would take a small group atleast the equivilant of a year or less depending on its size. in times of battle they are usually the so called medics and torture teams, their powers are limited by their own sanity, if a Red Scale is unstable and has any type of sickness, as of which they found a cure for nearly all of them but if it cannot be adminstered if their powers exceed the ones attempting to help them. if they are not found out to be insane by the time their powers develop they may or may not rip the ones within their range apart, which by that time might be atleast 4 meters in all directions, each Red Scale though does have the ability to cure themselves as in fight off their own insanity and most do overcome it, but some do not and sadly have to be executed before they became a bigger threat to others and themselves, however because of this ever rising sickness the Red Scales have become a more feared section of the Ih'Shruken by other races because if they know how a being works both internally or simply had experiance with the matter that makes them up will make very short work of them in confrontations, but they will hold back from killing them outright if they do not seem that dangerous, if it is on the other hand they will make NO hesitations to neutralize them where they stand.
(Average lifespans would last from 800 to 9,000 years when they are not insane, if so then their life spans would last around 200 years)

Green(None born again since the last 590 years)

Green Scales the technological minds or diplomatic suits of the Ih'shruken. they are born without scales that leaves them defenseless to most things during their early years, maturing at a slow rate almost compareable to White Scales, only until ages near their 200s is when their skin hardens to a near leatherish texture that provides protection to most things, because of this genetic fault Green Scales are kept safely in the capital regions of their worlds to provide protection incase of attacks by emerging aggresive beings or retaliation by stubborn enemies that belive they still have a chance of conquering them. Green Scales are regarded with respect because they have the ability to come into contact with smells, touch, and pheromones. giving the ability to somewhat mimic certain feelings their brethren are less kindered to, desptie they also have feelings but when it comes to other creatures it is not as easy to understand but they occupy themselves by either training with white scales to better their knowledge of technology or to be the diplomatic members to other worlds due to their resembling peaceful nature of White Scales they do not appear threatening to most and rather seem like the perfect prey to predators, but even they can be convinced by them if they can be communicated with.
(Average life spans range from birth to 2,000)

White(Extremely rare, only 5 born so far in the time the race was able to record its own history, truthfully, only the "First Born" knows all about the race and all that is in the very records in their librarys)

White Scales, the true elites of their race, the only things found out about them is that they do not form scales, their skin is usually unprotected at first and the texture feels as if it were a jellyfish, leaving to it that they are highly weakened to disease, enviromental hazards, and or the roughness their parents are used to, white scales themselves are kept with the king and its birthers to await its maturity and once its scales form and hardend, they harden very slowly and take atleast 2,000 years to form then another 900 to harden, the scales are very dense but light enough that they can be fairly agile in their own right. in usuall lives of white scales they are extremely passive in behavior and will not attack anything, even if it attacks it but they aren't stupid, if its a sentient creature they are able to communicate with and it made itself noted to be aggresive the white scale will not hesitate to take the creature down if it attacks, noting that white scales are most often the leaders in battle, their minds are highly advanced in the regions that allow them to understand other languages with creatures, but if its a creature that uses other methods to communicate not possible by their own ways they will see to it to improvise by seeking out a Green Scale to help them communicate. along their ability to communicated with beings that have similar ways to communicate they also have few psionic powers that grow immensly as they age,"The First Born" is able to move entire planets with a twirl of his finger.

If a white scale is ever born again their birthers are regarded as lineage progressers and studied on their approval to find their DNA's own strands that lead to the creation of white scales.


Their beginnings are quite humble as water born creatures that both looked like earth's own mixture of Snakeheads and devil squids, fully dominated their closed off ocean that began to slowly dry up because of a great earthquake that caused it to be cut off by the rest of the oceans in the first place that had made a large mountian range to seperate it, even before they were the top predator. thus leaving them adapt to land in a short ammount of time, but just enough that most of them would survive, how they breed and still do is when two of the same Scale or one that matches their DNA structure close enough, every Ih'Shruken doesnt have a true soul mate and they all still retained their, by human definition "Mating Season" where two partners would find a suitable bed of water or one of their own making and one would lay a type of egg in it as the two would lay a hand on it or any limb to transfer their DNA into it for it to somewhat mix and accumalate inside it to both grow the being inside and as this goes on both parents would back then keep them in clusters with another group and the most capable would watch over their clusters and attack all that would become within at least 50 meters of their cluster as they were still advancing to the higher beings they are. as the others would go and forage for food to bring back, either the native fruits or delicious meat by the wildlife, now atleast one parent would stay at home until it would hatch and watch over it.

stood atleast 4 feet in height at maximum, poor flexability, circulatory systems, nervous systems, usually the race would only live for atleast 50 years before succumbing to their atmosphere within each group if it wasn't for their inate abilites to understand their surroundings, how things would work and knowledge of how to create tools they wouldnt have advanced greatly, both creating devices to aid their respritory systems as Red Scales began to slowly realize their powers along White Scales, at this time White Scales were as common as Blue Scales along with Red Scales both of which were not yet able to develop the powers they not yet possess "The First Born" Remembers the beginning quite regretfully though.

As the ages passed and as some to the time of the "Bhi'rali"(Bhe rahle) in translation would be "The Degeneration" which was a genetic plague that was greatly noticable in a small region in the still developing Ih'Shruken civilization. the plague created a disturbing malformation to the Ih'shruken scale development and formation process that would create them in a sort of spread out-like coating around the entire body in random directions and yet they would retain some resemblence to the Red and White Scales. despite such a mutation, ones born this way healthy enough to be declared ready of exposure to the atmosphere seeing as the very sun was quite dangerous to life forms that are not conditioned to handle sunlight radiation in harmful quantites to other species that do not have a sort of protection. upon release into the world very few had even the slightest effect by the sun with the exception of squinting some at the sunlight now entering their eyes naturally in their lives, the planet's animals that would wonder around the city they were in clustered around them in a somewhat confrontation fashion. to the rest of the Scales this show seemed unnatural and could escalate at any moment. seeing as the leader of the group of them communicated with the creatures that could be closely resemblance to its own world's Nature without interruption. all the Green Scales spoke in a jumbled sequence back and forth with the group of animals for a meer moment before they merged into a giant mob and each one seemed to have a conversation in the animal's own language, both sides from an outside view to be getting along quite well, but those that did not use both mouth movements or any type of communication other then noises or scents, they found ways to improvise by creating delicate devices to make spectrums for a species of their pets that communicate that way. if a Green Scale cannot communicate with its own tools, it will mostly find ways to improvise. From that day on the name of the Bhi'rali became to be known as "fohi'Rh ake"(foohe rh ak e) "Nature's Own Children". as time passed the three Ih'Shruken races began to come together to form a more stable way for any other Green Scales to be born seeing as even then the Green Scale mutation was highly contagious both by air and contact and only then had a low chance of it taking over the birth rate itself. by the next 400 years in collaberation they each perfected a stablized formula for themselves. over time it took effect the now stable Green Scales however have no scales at all and instead a leathery type of skin was as if an Ih'Shruken's Scales were to not be preasent and seem to completely remove the scales. even though this all seemed too good to be true it had a side effect. over 96% of Green Scales are sterile, but with a second advantage to this was the ability that their head structure was rather larger then their counter parts and able to learn and memorize more then their counterparts, although their skin is too delicate to work around it themselves most of the time, and componants required to build and craft most objects they use would need the assistance of Red Scales.

For the next eons the Ih'shruken were a prosperous race that had mighty military strength and wealth that was envied by other races they came into contact with around the recorded year of 60,375(which to earth would have been year 6 or 15) the peace was not always kept and war broke out only to be swiftly obliterated. All or most that attacked the Ih'shruken had their home planets attacked rather than their colonies or other planets under their rule. These attacks were spear headed by the massive Mars sized DreadNaught called Guin'Sh'Tora (Or in translation would be called "Devastator's Embrace". If it were to be compared to any human tech or weapons it would be as if someone nuked an ant colony of one queen and ten workers.) The mighty ship carried a population of 20 million civilians and a military force of 6 million. the reason this ship was so feared was because it's kinetic barriers withstood enough impact shots that would've been able cause impact craters over 8 miles wide and 50ft into the crust of planets. Not to mention it's armor plates were mostly constructed out of a metal much like adamintium and many nanobots that routinely repair it before and after every battle or during. The Ih'shruken were a technological race, they mostly fought with ships rather than fight on land, though they were capeable, but they were weak against swift ground troops and White scales, though for their masterful psionic and melee skills they would be overwhelmed by a swarm of 400 or more attacking at once.

Now onto the Great Devastation or "Kol Yu'en". During the period of when Blue scales started to appear in hatching clusters the parents or egg mates of these strange new hatchlings were having various splotchy patterns on their scales. For the red scales it was purple, the Green scales had both a yellowish tint to a reddish hue, for one white scale they turned entirely light blue and had her guards incarcerate her in a prison that negated all her psionic powers and strength using a combination of Red scales gifted in the psionic field and massive kinetic restraints. Before the chosen Red scales did this they had their reproductive material put in storage to keep their lineage alive so that maybe their children will also be chosen to keep the 3rd White scale bound. The ones who turned to these strange tints of color began to slowly lose their sanities the darker and redder their eyes became and eventually attacked anyone in sight. To combat this possible genetic/Biochemical warfare from their many many enemies. they isolated each infected and began extracting their Genes from any way and slowly creating the possible product that seems to be attempting to be made forcefully. To people of modern medical specialization this would seem absolutely bats*** crazy, but the only place cases of such were poping up were on just a single colony planet near the Horse Head Nebula where the 3rd White scale was overseeing. After only 20 years a pure blooded hatchling emerged out of their egg, this one creature, this single hatchling was the reason the Ih'Shruken had such glorious military dominance. The other eggs within the cluster had defects and died in the process of hatching, a horrible sight for the scientists looking on and an even more horrifying job fo those that had to recover the bodies so as not to contaminate the others. Though it was worth it. The Pure blood was named Ug'Vulashi(Oog' Vool a shee) or "Blue Savior" in translation. This hatchling had Three red eyes, two slightly more to the sides than the front and one in the lower forehead, Sharp and thick teeth, rather slimmer and taller(atmost 12ft by maturity) figure than the others and noticibly thicker scales. Ug'Vulashi was tested soon after her 200th year and during this she was taught the very history from "The 1st White Scale" since she could respond normally instead of making little squees. by then 60% of the planet was infected by the strange disease that was ravaging the population. Soon after finishing the history lessons He asked her if they could test her in order to cure the disease she was created from. agreeing they no sooner found the cure within a month. finding herself at a lost of what to do she became the 1st whitescale's wife (yes i know, over a billion year difference), but this did not stop blue scales from poping up on the planet, but they were more "Correct in a manner which they seemed almost like Ug'Vulashi, but... different.. soon war broke out again within the next 3000 years. This enemy was deep buried in the planet's crust to where even the ships couldn't get to them. this was a perfect time the Blue Scales who were able to fight were called in to attack. within just the day the ground war was stomped, all ship warfare was already obliterated a month prior. after this the opposing race never attacked any of the Ih'shruken colonies mainly because the population of once 1 million was put down to nearly over 450,000 due to a few Blue Scales being exposed to too much radiation turned nearly all black and began massacuring civilians rather than their directive of just armed forces. The fear of those who saw those who were exposed was unmatched, for the ones exposed seemed to have much much faster reflexes and larger scale plates that made most weapons bounce off or simply not harm them. after this incident the scientists who previously worked on the cure for the plague began to develop a genetic strain that once the trigger for this type of reaction would activate when over 3000 rads were present in a single Blue Scale and advance the Scale growth till the exposed couldnt move. this entire set up took at most 300 years to create and given to blue scales. thus finally giving them the position of ground troops that slowly advanced melee tech and weaponry. to this day Ug'Vulashi still lives as well, despite the others who live approx 1000 years give or take.

This mighty race, this utopia of civilized beings who did not rule with an iron fist or succum to greed or any human sin, this pure race of unbelivieable feats of technology and warfare were cursed with the inevitable outcome of each race that outlives its own sun: Their home system being destroyed by a supernova. This however was already prepared for and by the time the star went supernova no living Ih'shruken was left on any planet that was hit by the exploding star. Their massive ship was too slow to get out of the blast radius, but thanks to it's marvelous shielding and armor plates it survived at the cost of losing a section of it's interior to the heat and radiation. Now massive fleets patrol their worlds the Ih'shruken still retain power throughout their systems and those who have vowed never to attack them again. The first white scale now rules from the Guin'Sh'Tora alongside his wife. Now the Ih'shruken help any world they see fit and send representatives to each civilization they belive that needs their intervention(There has been only 4 they sought fit to interfer with in the 23,035 years after the supernova or Nurloon -Ner lhoon- "Exodus". The race still expands to worlds unclaimed and remain prospurous.

(Blue Scales)-
Swift and highly agile
Can hear over a mile off
Sense of smell is greater than a dog's
Sight is that of a hawk's
Strong enough to rip 6 inches of steel apart
Teeth strong enough to chew metal
Can survive high ammounts of radiation
Immune to poisons and diseases

(Green Scales)-
Can talk to animals
Smarter then most of their race
Can build almost anything out of anything
Have 6 fingers that come in handy(yes i just said that)
Two eyes that are well protected by a second layer of skin
Able to understand most species
Skin is as hard as leather
As agile as their blue cousin's but lack their endurance

(Red Scales)-
Can manipulate the materials of living creatures and reshape objects in range of their "Tools"
Scales are fairly bulky but thick enough that most weapons are harmless
Three eyes, that of their blue cousin's are protected by a collaberation of miniature scales covering them
Extremely intelligent
Can command a ship of 30 or less
Diseases are harmless to them and can cure them
(Id like to have trusted people play these)

(White Scales)-
-Unplayable unless in events-

(Blue Scales)-
Skin is brittle, blunt weapons do massive damage
Far sighted
Easily aggresive
commonly 9ft so short buildings ward them off unless they are hunting someone
Easily spotted
Once they absorb a massive ammount of radiation their scales expand into bulky plate scales, leaving them immobile but most weapons unable to harm them
Pollen gives them a type of "High" common to drug addicts which leaves them dilerious of their surroundings for a period of 3 hours depending on the ammount of pollen in contact with
The three eyes are very sensitive

(Green Scales)-
Supseptable to diseases and poisons easily
Weak upper body strength
Cannot live for long in radiated areas
Teeth are that of a human's
Sense of smell is weak
Sight is average
No scales
Common Height of 5ft
Fingers too weak to work without tools they require and if possible will ask a red scale to help them

(Red Scales)-
Has an obligation to help Green scales no matter their prior directive or circumstance
Easily prone to psycosis or other mental instabilities
Very slow manuverability
"Tool" range is 10ft and requires time to channel their thoughts into using them
Prone to poisons
Common height of 7ft and will not hunt down victims who sought refuge in buildings smaller then it, but will rip apart said shelter and resume
(id like to have trusted people able to play these)

(White Scales)-
-Unplayable unless in events-

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