Dangers you should be familiar with

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Dangers you should be familiar with Empty Dangers you should be familiar with

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Beware Of The Deadly World
When night hits, raiders come out along with robot's, you must fight them off or keep in shelter.

After the war hit, the nuclear bombs caused strange events to happen to the world.

Under the hidden Robo. Co facilities contains Robo Fuel. This is used in torture for their prisoners, it is amazingly hot and poisonous. If a person takes even a 2 second bath in this they can be burnt to death.

Of course, the water is sludgy and has occasionally radiation in it.

Acid Rain
What used to be a welcome sight to farmers and average people alike during a hot summer day, has since become a nuisance to anyone who encounters the phenomenon. The nuclear explosions of the past have not only ravaged the terrain, but the water as well. Due to the radioactivity and acidic nature of the current natural water basins, any water evaporated into the sky, eventually falls almost exactly as it went up, as acid. This water no longer gives life-giving hydration to whomever or whatever it happens upon. It is now destructive, burning and erodes away at anything that touches the unforgiving acid rainfall.

The least deadly is the ApocaStorm. It creates a red tint, causing a large earthquake and massive heat, it is said lava brews underground as the world’s water combines with it, as the radiation blows in together to create a deadly storm which can kill a man quickly. Underground shelters tend to survive this. This is common.

Radiation Sweep
Radiation Sweep. The water will become contaminated as slowly radiation blows throughout the world. This is heavily dangerous, and needs intense shelter to survive. You are most likely safer underground. This happens time to time.

Tsu Storm
The most deadly and rare is the Tsu Storm. This will create a massive blow of radiation, a intense earthquake capable of ruining the most sturdy of buildings. Should this ever happen, you have almost no time to run. This storm is capable of murdering you within' Nano seconds, and no buildings or shelters are safe. The only thing you can do is pray that the intense wind combined with radiation doesn't slaughter you.

Rift Break
After the Demons left the Rift, the Earth would occasionally experience a global tremor. These tremors were usually weak, and non-damaging, but throughout the years they had gotten progressively stronger. A few researchers have synced up these occurrences with certain areas becoming rift like. Although uncommon for these transformations to happen in the (RW) wasteland, the area still experiences the tremors.

The common discharge of electrons of clouds in the sky has become much more dangerous than it previously was. The lightning will hit random objects, areas, or even creatures, causing a small, shortly-lived flame. Although rare, reports of Fuelbots being struck by lightning, have been "super-charged," giving them a much larger devastation radius. It is advised that you stay away from any glowing fuelbots in your current vicinity. Mutants have also been reported to rarely be struck by lightning, converting them into strange scientist-like entities. No huge change has been observed from this rare occurrence, other than the flesh of the mutant, is usually transformed into edible meat. Extreme caution is emphasized during these storms, as it becomes dark enough for hostiles to emerge without being noticed.

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