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Physical Appearance:

The Drakmua, or Hell's Angels, share many similarities with Humans, but very distinct differences as well. Drakmua were once humans themselves, but due to at the time unknown effects, prolonged exposure to the Rift caused many side effects. Unlike tales of Mutant Scientists, which were thought to be the norm of extreme time spent in the Rift, Drakmua seemed to retained their intelligence and sanity. One main factor might be that the original scientists had no exposure to radiation, while Drakmua's ancestors have been living the Wasteland for hundreds of years.

The Drakmua's most notable difference is their skin. Their skin is red, mimicking their land's color. Their skin's texture is leathery, and not very smooth. Their basic skeletal and muscle frames are similar to humans. They have the same reproductive methods and uses of humans, but their religion tells them to retain celibacy. Average life spans are thought to be very old, as some original people who went through the portals are still alive today. Also, a distinct difference is present between people born into being a Drakmua. People born into the race tend to be more aggressive and ambitious then the originals. They are mostly the same in height, width, and so on with humans. They have green eyes, most like derived from their diet of several unknown substances never documented in the Rift.

Drakmua have an adjusted system of bodily functions unique to the Rift. They have certain chemicals within their body, which allows extreme physical labor in the Rift, but decreased physical labor in the normal world. Their bodies can't handle natural light, and their skin will start peeling until they become extremely prone to wounds and bruises. Clothing covering most of the body will solve this problem. This allows Drakmua to have limited reactions with the normal world. They are believed to have advanced mental capacity, with children learning their tribe's language at a very young age.

Drakmua live for a very long time. Even at very old age, they do not show age. There are even some Drakmua that are still the original people who migrated to the Rift. Even though hundreds of years have passed, they still act as normal people of society. At their age, they are patriarchs, but most religious, not decisional.


About 2243, the wasteland was flooded by a mysterious creature that was released during the Second Hell Jumpers expedition. The creatures originated in the Rift. During the time, treasures were often found in the Rift, as there was mysterious rock that glowed and dirt that slowed down movement. All settlements had a portal in their town, which they made great profit of, as they charged a toll to use the portal. Monsters who were in the Rift always stayed in the Rift, which made having a town portal smart.

However, once the "Demons" started pouring into the settlements, people were trapped. Trying to escape into the surrounding area was useless, as these creatures could follow them wherever they went. Most towns decided to go through the portals to the Rift. When they arrived, much chaos ensured, but once they made homes into the rock, they settled in for the long haul, and waited for the "Demons" to disappear from their deserted settlements.

Luck would not be their helper though. After the portal invasions, many people set out to close all portals that were left in the wasteland. Once they saw the abandoned settlements of people who fled in the Rift, they closed the portals, sealing the people inside. At this point, there was mass deaths and confusion, as any leaders still in power had no control over their masses. A years went by, and barely any original populations were still alive. Most people have lost their sanity.

However, one day there were vivid dreams and visions affecting surviving humans. They wandered the Rift until the every survivor found their way to an old fortress. There was a calling to go inside the fort, so the survivors sent in their best warriors. When they arrived inside, they found a pale white skinned lady who had intense red hair. She only proclaimed 3 sentences. "Respect change and believe in its saving powers. Collect the knowledge of everything in existence. Compete with other tribes, and be the last tribe in existence to receive my grace." With those words, she vanished. The warriors proclaimed this to the people. At this point, with no food and no water, they were getting prepared to fight until the last men standing.

And then they woke up. It was a dream, a dream that occurred simultaneously with everyone else. Also, when they woke, they were red skinned, and had peculiar powers. They no longer suffered from difficulty breathing Rift air, and they could do much more physical labor in the Rift. They also had to ability to control fire, extinguish and light it at free will. Probably the most stunning ability was that Rift monsters no longer attacked them, as if they were of their own kind. Intellect also increased.

After this event, the original groups split away, with the loudest people who encouraged the dream pulling specific groups away from others, given hope to a desperate people. The newly formed tribes spread out, following their new patriarchs to a new future. They named themselves Drakmua, after the name they heard in their dream, that boomed over all at the end. They are children of Stallesh, the Goddess of Change and Fire. Every generation the skin of their children grew redder, until the hue Drakmua have today.

To accomplish Stallesh's wishes, the tribes make a position which had the smartest and most ambitious people within. They were called "Visionaries", based on many ingenious ideas they gave the tribe. To obtain the world's knowledge, tribes sent these people out to learn. They are people who live alone and travel the Rift, collecting information and bringing it back to the tribe, allowing leaders to use their brilliant ideas to help the tribe. They are very old, the minimum age for being a Visionary is 5 cycles, which is about 200 years in the Rift. They are blessed by Stallesh, as they have survived many Cycles.

Culture and Religion:

Although specific practices vary from tribe to tribe, most tribes have the same core beliefs and values. The Drakmua live in collective tribes with a 5 member council, and 2 patriarchs. Each patriarch has the power to override a member of the council, and the entire council can override one patriarch.

The Drakmua follow a primitive tribal system. They have a caste system, with the Patriarchs on top, the seekers below them, the council below them, the warriors below them, the traders below the, and below the slaves. Tribes often war with each other, resulting with big slave populations within in most tribes. Also, tribes are enslaved instead of being integrated into the conquering tribes. Most of fighting in the Rift is a result of their religion, not a battle for resources. A tribe numbers about 150-300 people.

The religion of this society dates back to an event every tribe has recorded. Once all the major portals closed, time passed at different intervals, sometimes a year in the Rift was a year in the normal world, while sometimes a year in the Rift was 10 years in the normal world. There is no clue between the tribes how long time has been spent in the Rift since the portals closed. This Drakmua believe this to be the work of a god they observes, but not worship. Chromonul, The Lord of Time.

Their religion follows 3 main rules, however many other traditions have been introduced to many tribes over the years. The first core rule is respect change and believe in its saving powers. The second core rule is the tribe's primary goal, collect the knowledge of everything in existence. The third core rule is the reason why the second role is primary, compete with other tribes, and be the last one standing to receive Stallesh's blessing. Other rules are thought to be the teachings of Chromonul, as they mainly deal with time. The Cycle is what every Drakmua tribe follows, and it thought to be Chromonul's effect on the Rift.

The Drakmua believe that life has cycles. This decides when they reproduce, when they go to war, when their old die. It is not only a teaching, but a feeling they have when a certain cycles starts. There are 4 cycles. The first cycle is the Birth Cycle, during which births and reproduction occurs rapidly. The next cycle is the Tectonic Cycle, where the land within the Rift shifts rapidly, and tribes are constantly moving. The third cycle is the Warring Cycle. During this time tribes conduct endless war with each other, conducting massive atrocities. However, only warriors die during this period. The fourth cycle is the Death Cycle, when about 25% chunk of the population dies and the dead are cremated. The cycle then repeats. Each cycle lasts normally 10 years, in Rift time. An adult is considered to be a person who has survived one cycle. Also, the size of someone's tribe determines how many will die that Death Cycle. A weaker tribe is punished by having more people die, while a stronger tribe is punished by having less people die.

The nature of people dying during Cycles is usually completely random. There are no diseases or conditions that exist in the Rift. It is thought people who are favorites of Stallesh live longer than others. That is often why Visionaries are made Visionaries, as they have survived many more cycles than others.

Current Day
In 2409, a small tribe made contact with Fireside. Escaping persecution, they escaped to Greyhope, hoping to survive the current Warring cycle. When this portal was opened, all tribes felt the effect. The cycles started becoming random, and less structured, which disturbed many tribes. Eventually, a good amount tribes found their way to Fireside, and on encouragement from Visionaries, they made a deal with Greyhope. They could live in Greyhope in exchange of help with the rising conflict with New Commensia. However, mostly Visionaries went into the normal world, most tribes stayed behind in the Rift.

Very recently, cycles have stopped completely, leading to anarchy in the Rift. Time passes on the exact same scale in the Rift and in the Normal world. People are starting to lose their powers, and people are dying from human diseases, and are aging like humans.


Impressive Intellect
Ambitious, very determined.
Extreme bonuses to them in the Rift
Mastery of the tongue
Tactical and logical genius
Extremely loyal to allies


Have trouble swimming
Can't sustain prolonged physical labor
Extremely prone to disease
Extremely prone to poison
Power hungry
Very traditional; don't believe in new things quickly

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