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Physical Appearance and Attributes:
They resemble humans, but their skin is green and leathery with hints of brown thrown about. They have dark green hair that is a different shade then their bodies. Some Herboxtians prefer to keep their hair cut short but most like to grow their hair out down to the shoulders or even past that. Their hair is smooth like grass but not so sharp as to accidentally cut your fingers on.
They have the odd mutation of having vines growing out of their backs, but most Herboxtians chose to hide this with clothing, unless confronted in battle, when they would use their vines to attack their enemies. These vines can be useful in tripping and grabbing enemies. If chopped off, these vines will grow back. They become weaker, however, as the Herboxtian grows older. They also have thorns growing on the back of their knuckles and hands which can be beneficial in combat but which can catch and snag on things. For this reason, Herboxtians often choose to wear gloves.

They are of varying height, as are humans but are very thin and agile. They have enhanced mobility and speed, and they are nimble and quick. They usually sneak around without being heard and it is usually almost impossible to detect them without looking straight at them. They are also fine marksman, as this is a skill that takes patience and practice to learn. They are also able to swim. Herboxtians are people who spend their time mastering their skills such as these. These attributes come with a price, however. They have reduced strength, equal to 2/3 of an average human, and they aren’t able to carry very much. They are also extremely susceptible to fire as their bodies easily burn. They also have difficulty with sudden weather changes, but if gradual, they can learn to adapt.

They give birth to their young live like humans do. Their life span is unknown as none of the Herboxtians have yet to die from natural cause. It is however longer than that of humans as some of them have survived for hundreds of years. Outside of their vines, they do not age.

Their culture does not differ too much from that of humans. The oldest of the Herboxtians, having lived for hundreds of years, are very reserved and calm. The younglings, however, behave, for the most part, as normal human children would.
Herboxtians marry between 20 and 40 and they usually have around two or three kids. Men take a more dominant role in Herboxtian life as they generally do most of the hard work. The women do less strenuous work and care for the kids.


2227: Advent is swallowed up by Radiation. A group of 100 survivors escape to a hidden vault. However, they were affected by the radiation before they made it to the vault. Their DNA was altered so when they reproduced, the first Herboxtians were born.

2300: The last of the original survivors died and only Herboxtians were left. A community of 350 Herboxtians was faring well in the vault. They were educating their people and not a single one of their race had dies yet. Unfortunately, supplies were running low. However, a brilliant Herboxtian scientist was able to create radiation suits, allowing the Herboxtians to leave the vault to look for supplies. Around this time Christianity started to spread throughout the people.

2356: An malfunction with many of the suits kills 300 Herboxtians, dropping their number from 400 to 100. This day is proclaimed to be the saddest day in all of Herboxtian history.

2368: Another accident occurs where a crack in a vault wall opens up in a room. It happened to be in an air locked room where a gathering was taking place. There were 75 Herboxtians in there. The radiation seeped in killing all of them within days.

2400: The community is strong and times are looking good. Scientists are developing new products and methods and scholars are studying ancient texts taken in supply raids. There are still at least 25 members of the original Herboxtians born.

2416: They are discovered by the New Commensians and Valoshans and are taken to their city. The races live in peace and welcome each other.

Current Day

2448: The races have continued to live in peace. Many Herboxtians have died off from accidents and combat. There are only 25 left, one of which is of the original Herboxtians born. They are a valuable to the city as they provide what the Valoshans lack and vice-versa. They continue their religion and are respected by the humans and Valsohans. One, who is born a Herboxtian, enters a brotherhood unlike any other, where all the members of the race are one big family. And as they say: Family comes first.[/spoiler]


Very smart and have good intellect
Vines and thorns
Quick and agile
Great marksmen
Can swim and travel over any terrain
Extremely stealthy and sneaky
Heightened senses


Weak, equal to about 2/3 of an average human
Susceptible to fire, disease, and weather change
Need water often
They suffer from injuries easier
They are not very durable
Lack of endurance
Cannot carry as much
Many attributes about their race have not yet been discovered

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