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Physical Appearance:

The jungle planet of Tonnek is home to vast purple seas, dangerous predators, and trees that seem to reach the heavens. Tonnek is inhabited by a space fairing race that resemble bipedal lizard men. Tonnek is a large planet, therefore the Valoshan race is scattered across it's surface in tribal colonies of around 200-1,600 residents. Many colonies are built in the tall tree tops where Valoshans can be protected from the vicious predators that stalk the undergrowth.

Valoshans are cold-blooded, like Earth reptiles, but actually give birth to live young. Valoshan males, on average, are around 2 meters tall. Male's scaly skin varies from green to dark yellow. Their pointed snout resembles a monitor lizard's, filled with long, razor sharp teeth. Their clawed hands have 2 fingers and a single thumb, while their feet have 2 toes facing forward and one in back, also clawed. Males also have a long lizard-like tail, about 6 ft. long. The average male lives to about 100-120 years of age but will not become weak in their old age, some warriors can be 100 years old or more. They can weigh up to 450 lbs.

Females differ greatly from male Valoshans. Females are much larger and heavier, around 3 meters tall and around 1000 lbs. However, they cannot stand. They only purpose of Valoshan females is to give birth up to 5 times, although they are cared for well, they have a lifespan of only about 30-40 years. They have shiny black skin, similar to a salamander and small eyes. Females lack a tail and claws. Females give birth to 2-3 young at a time and are pregnant for only 4 months. Valoshans mature quickly and are considered full fledged adults at only 2 years of age, both males and females. Most females will become immobile at about 6 or 7 years old but are used a warriors before then because of their larger size.

Culture and Religion:

The Valoshans are a fairly new race, only being around for about 150,000 years. Despite being a new life form to the universe, they are quite advanced in many ways.

Every 100 years, a single colony is blessed with the birth of a Prophet. Prophet is a term referring to a special Valoshan born every 100 years or so with a significantly higher developed brain. The typical Valoshan is not a particularly intelligent creature, however, a Prophet is able to construct space vessels and plasma-based weaponry. The only physical difference of a Prophet are their vibrant blue eyes, instead of the dark yellow of a normal Valoshan. Valoshans are sometimes selfish as they gain power, causing most Prophets to be pressured into keeping their advanced technology to their own colony instead of aiding the primitive colonies who suffer from disease and fall prey to wild animals. Prophets are considered Gods to their subjects and are treated to only the best living style. Many go to the Prophet to seek advice, even Valoshans of other colonies. Many Prophets do not rule with an iron fist, often pressured by their advisers to go to war or enslave tribal colonies.

Valoshan colonies ruled by Prophets are about as advanced as humans up until The Cataclysm. Prophet ruled colonies typically have a much higher population also, around 15,000 to as much as 600,000. Stubborn tribals often revolt against advanced colonies, but all fail. Once a Prophet has died, his colony usually travels to another planet, in search of other Valoshans. Most colonies will travel on Tranpibah, a planet inhabited by old Valoshan colonies who also suffered the death of a Prophet. These colonies now thrive, learning how to create advanced technology, no longer relying on a Prophet to guide them. This is a motive for rebel colonies to directly take out the Prophet, forcing colonies to leave Tonnek. Even if a Valoshan does not posses the wisdom of a Prophet, they are known to be brilliant commanders in battle.

Valoshans are easily angered but aren't usually aggressive. Some Valoshans who come from Prophet colonies can become selfish but tribals are usually understanding and kind to those who help them or care about them. Valoshans from Prophet ruled colonies are generally more intelligent due to a better education and understanding of engineering. Most Valoshans aren't as smart as am average human (besides Prophets) but still are not easily tricked or duped as they are always alert and do not trust strangers.

Valoshan religion is relatively simple as there is only one core religion. Valoshan people greatly worship a god known as "The Creator". Valoshans believe The Creator to have created all life forms in the universe. Many Valoshans are highly religious and will put non-believers to death. The majority of Valoshans do believe in The Creator, however, some colonies have not heard of this religion and simply go about their lives, not questioning how they came to be or why. Valoshan colonies who can afford the resources will often create shrines to pray to their god in the high mountains of Tonnek.


(148,000-94,000 B.C.) Valoshans likely evolved from a type of reptile once inhabiting Tonnek although they believe to be a product of The Creator. Early Valoshans were predatory animals that moved on all fours at high speeds, likely in packs. Their main prey was (and still is) the large, flightless bird-like Swompak, standing about 10 feet tall and weighing approximately 600 pounds. The early Valoshans had much competition, mainly being the Skyroth. The Skyroth is an insect creature resembling a praying mantis, much larger than Valoshans but only slightly heavier. Skyroths can move around quickly and use their large scythes to tear into prey of defend themselves from ravenous packs of Valoshans. Despite deadly competiton, the Valoshan race managed to rise to the top with their superior brain power somewhere along the line.
(94,000-58,000 B.C.) These years were the first step towards intelligence for the Valoshan race. They began making tools, weapons, simple structures, and possibly even fire. Some researchers believe this rise in intelligence to be the result of the first Prophet being born, but no one can know for sure. Small-scale wars also appeared to be waged during these years judging by the large areas filled with Valoshan skeletons, although some scientists speculate these to be sacred burial grounds.
(58,000-54,000 B.C.) This short span of years were a revolution for the Valoshans. The first recorded Prophet was born in 58,000 B.C. and was reported to lived for almost 1,000 years. This Prophet, Akahn, was said to have vibrant purple eyes. Akahn made the foundation to the Valoshan written language and designed the first large village and much, much more.
(54,000-26,000 B.C.) After much guidance from the Prophets, the Valoshans advanced their civilization at a slow rate. They crept through what we would call the medieval ages and modern times, sending their first shuttle into space at around 33,000 B.C. and likely the first colony to Tranpibah in 28,000 B.C. Valoshan population strangely began to fall in between 27,000 and 26,000 B.C.
(26,000-5,000 B.C.) This was a time of death and anarchy on Tonnek. An extremely contagious virus spreads across the planet, killing millions of Valoshans. It was known as Zazian's Wrath, named after a ruthless Prophet who laid waste to countless tribal colonies in the past. The primitive colonies were affected most by the virus, but the Prophet colonies were often raided in their time of weakness. Many colonies asked for medicine from the Prophet colonies, most refused, resulting in colonies gathering together and waging war on the advanced colony. Some Prophet colonies were surprisingly overwhelmed by the tribals and were destroyed. Once the virus had become out of control, some Prophets began to wipe out nearby colonies out of fear of being attacked. At some points the Valoshan population dropped below five million. Colonies on Tranpibah refused to even let in colonies from Tonnek move in for fear of them carrying the virus. There aren't any visible symptoms of the virus, victims would slowly grow weaker and, eventually, die. No one is truly sure where it originated, but it likely came of of an animal species.
(5,000 B.C.-2,900 A.D.) The Valoshans began to recover from Zazian's Wrath and lived these recent times in peace with new found respect for each other. There were notable technological advances in this time span such as advanced weaponry and space crafts.

Recent Times:

It is now the year 2905. The previous Valoshan Prophet has passed away, quickly being replaced with a new one. The birth of this Prophet is peculiar though, he was born into a colony living on Tranpibah who have already had a prophet thousands of years ago. After a long and heated discussion, they decide to bring this new Prophet back to Tonnek, where they will gift a worthy colony with the child. The council of Tranpibah believes this to be mandatory for the survival of Valoshans on Tonnek. Tranpibah assembles a small fleet of star ships to deliver the Prophet safely. However, during their journey they encounter intense cosmic storms, heavily damaging their ships. In a last-ditch effort to protect the young Prophet, they search for the nearest inhabitable planet. Unaware of the dangers, the fleet lands on Earth. [/spoiler]

Strength equal to 3-4 men
Fairly agile, quick reflexes, overall excellent in combat
Sharp claws and teeth (considered dishonorable to use in combat by Valoshans)
Appears almost invisible while at night or in dark areas
Decent sense of smell

Can't swim
Very susceptible to disease
Eyes located on sides of head (They have a small blind spot)
Teeth are easily dislodged but do grow back after several months
Quickly die of blood loss if tail is severed
Hard time learning English
Body will shut down and die in cold places
Not very intelligent (aside from Prophet)

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