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The Previous Ruined World Lore Empty The Previous Ruined World Lore

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The following was the lore for the original Ruined World. For this to be a continuation, we have to keep true to the original story. However, we can make minor modifications if something seems unrealistic or pointless.

Before 2020 Prewar times.
Oil levels run low worldwide, a desperate struggle to find more sparks tensions between the world superpowers.

Britain's already strained economy collapses, sending several other countries into another economic downturn.

American president Obama is voted out of office. The new Republican candidate sparks tensions between America and Asia, by claiming its leaders are "Self-obsessed thugs" and refuses to apologize.

Britain breaks into civil war.

The world’s first fully self-aware robot was created, and immediately picked up by the US army.
The US begins training and preparing these as soldiers.

The last of the American Oil runs out. Russia and China hold reserves but refuse to part with it unless countries pay ten times the value.
United Nations demands they part with the oil, and help suffering countries develop alternate energy sources. China and Russia leave the UN, and form the people's republic of Asia.

North Korea's aged leader dies of old age, and is almost immediately replaced by his son.
North Korea joins the PROA

Tensions continue to rise between America and PROA.
WWIII 2020-2040
An America Naval carrier is shot down in the Pacific Ocean. A missile is later recovered and identified as belonging to North Korea.
North Korea claims the ship was attempting to steal oil reserves travelling through the pacific islands.
American president declares war on the PROA, urging the rest of the western world to join in.
European Allies, NATO, make a concentrated attack on Russian supplies. Russia responds by expanding into parts of Eastern Europe, previously neutral.

Parts of Scandinavia ally with the PROA, partly from fear of attack.
America promises to rebuild and fund several African nations when the war is over, in return for assistance against the PROA. Many accept, believing this to be the start of the United Nations of Africa.

The PROA now controls most of Eastern Asia, including Japan, which they use to help produce robotic soldiers.
American abuses the control over many African nations, using the people as fodder. African nations that did not join the union, such as Egypt, rebel against American rule, but refuse help from the PROA.

NATO forces capture Moscow. PROA retaliates by nuking Britain. The British civil war halts and the people unite to return fire.
America Nukes the PROA heavily, murdering billions.
PROA Nukes several major America, African, European and even Australian Cities.

PROA captures Germany, using only robotic soldiers.
America develops a highly experimental "Super soldier project", combining genetic manipulation and mutation.

A scientist predicts half the world's population have been killed or mortally wounded since the war began.

Super soldier project condemned by NATO, after an entire town is found mutilated and mutated, attempts to bring medical aid to the mutated people fails, as PROA raids the support, and the mutants kill the rest.

PROA sends their last robots to the NATO headquarter located in France, hoping they will win the war. NATO finds out about the attack and evacuates the whole sector and retreats to America. When the robots arrive they detonate NATO's trap. The trap activates a huge EMP that was mainly supposed to only destroy the robots, but the EMP goes out of control and stretches around the whole world. The world is now officially without any electricity or energy.

Fighting slows down. Most people are mutated or dead.

The second Dark Ages 2040-60

Vast starvation wipes entire countries out.

The last government remaining crumbles.

Survivors band together for survival, and begin work on preserving species using advanced cloning and genetic manipulation.

The first new city is established.

"The survivor project" flourishes. With the aid of advanced robotics, genetic manipulation, twenty new cities are built and quickly populated. The war is referred only as "The Great Ruining"
The calm
Advanced "Diamond Cities" form, the government and services ran entirely by Robots, but still controlled by people, who now live in almost paradise.

The first robotic war

A Robot refuses to clean up, after its owner deliberately knocked his food on the floor. The owner then demands the Robot "take itself apart", and threatens him with a hammer. The Robot snatches the hammer from the owner and kills him with it.
A Robotic revolution ensues, striking disaster everywhere. Cities break apart as Robots everywhere turn against Humankind.

The last city falls to Robot command, having expelled all Humans. The Robots have won.

The Robot cities quickly advance, and launch a large portion of Robots into space, intent on destroying any intelligent biological life.

The second robotic war
Advanced mutants herded by Human resistance break into the Robot Capital, and destroy the central computer, breaking the communication link between the Robotic cities.

Large mutated giants have been spotted in some parts of the world, capable of surviving in even the harshest terrain.
Most Robot cities now heavily overrun with mutants.

In a desperate act to regain control, the robots launch an atmospheric bomb, with the intention of eliminating the atmosphere, thus destroying all life.
The bomb is sabotaged by Human forces, but still launched, causing catastrophic damage to the earth, in ways that we still don't understand.

The third dark age
Strange storms of various types appear. Robotic scientists work to fix the damage, but fail to succeed in time.
Electromagnet storms break down the Robot circuitry, and the last of them power down in storage, deep below the earth's crust.

Very little is known about the Human race during this time. Little or nothing is documented or known about what happened. Most people die young, fighting mutants or from radiation poisoning, while seeking areas to live.

A sub-dimensional radio known as "the great link" is established. Human survivors pick up the signal and begin collaborating to work together and survive.

An undetonated atomic bomb that was found by some roaming survivors. After inspecting the device, they decided to try and disarm it. At first they had very little idea of how to do this. Looking around they found several Tech books and mappings of the bombs workings. Still unsure of whether it was a good idea, they didn't have the slightest idea of what kind of bomb it was, one of them murdered his friend in a heated argument about how to defuse the bomb. The other two restrained him until he agreed to help. Together the remaining three buried their accomplice in the ground and finished the preparations they deemed necessary. The Second man found the name of the Captain in charge of the launch site. General Cirix Morgan. Having no knowledge of the pre-war events, he disregarded the name and attempted to dismantle the bomb from it's place. Then one of them noticed the bomb wouldn't detach from the tower. Knowing full well the repercussions of such a mistake he hurried out to try and fix it. When one of them tried to tinker with some wires, a timer was initiated. The last guy watched in horror as the count-down hit zero. Being completely de-assimilated, he wasn't even aware of his death. The people in a 200 mile radius were killed or hurt bad enough to die. Those who were outside the 200-mile range survived, ensuring humanities continuous life despite the mistakes of others. The land around the bomb was so radiated and scarred that it was almost impossible to live around it. The Second Bi-Uranium Bomb shifted the Northern Pacific Plate and all of British Columbia was changed. Those left over spread out to repopulate and rebuild.

Every night, the Human race fights mutants for survival. Some are successful, many not. Rumors had grown of possible faction leaders emerging.

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