The idea that I dare to call probably the best way of ending the Ih'Shruken event even though you already have one.

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The idea that I dare to call probably the best way of ending the Ih'Shruken event even though you already have one. Empty The idea that I dare to call probably the best way of ending the Ih'Shruken event even though you already have one.

Post  Asadasek on Thu Mar 22, 2012 6:03 pm


So, there we go.

For the beggining:
My actual idea of ending the event includes:
-Destruction of the most of the Alien forces around the Earth
-Making ( often very lazy ) people build an inside of an alien battleship ( I may be able to help. ).
-Finding a few players who may be the main characters of the anti-alien crusade and asking them to take part in it.
-Having a bunch of Ih'Shruken players ( mainly normal soldiers who can respawn so there will be more of them ).
-Making some people have to play Ih'Shruken and get theimselves killed and won't be able to play as Earthians and do the opposite.
-Making an Ih'Shruken drop pod, crashed, left somewhere in the desert, with a few dead aliens in it. ( Typical. )
-We also need a big laboratory and a shitload of sciencist who will work out some of the alien knowledge. Like, a shitload.
-WE NEED A HEEERO! ( Anyone who can become the OP bastard and take on all of the aliens + lose most of his OPness at the end )

So here we go with the actual idea:

On one of the biggest Ih'Shruken battleships there is an argument. One of the main leaders of the attack on Earth is mad on his friends for not avenging the death of many of his fellows on the damned planet. He gets six of his trusted men ( mainly red scales ) and steals a pod to get to the location of a perfetic Earthian city of Rethosia. But, well, he fails horribly. The pod was sabotaged by some of the aliens that were loyal to the standard "Fly around and troll" tactic. The alien who we'll call the "Commander" gets to Rethosia. Well, his upper body gets into the area inside, but his legs are lost a few hundred meters outside. His friend's bodies are in a slightly better state, lying around the remains of the drop pod. A few hours later someone ( The "Hero" ) trips over a weird corpse in Rethosia. He decides to *do whatever he wants with it, if he's a sciencist, just take a look at it, or hand it over to some people more experienced in examining burnt halfs of some aliens trying to destroy your planet*. Meanwhile, some ( Random people, including "side Heroes" ) find the rest of the corpses. No Ih'Shruken are looking for them, because, hey, after all they are all dead and in pieces, aren't they? So all of the people knowing about the situation team up in a lab ( Probably Forelance, maybe upcoming big lab in not very famous outpost of Ironforge ) and find out a lot about the alien tech and way of thinking. Someone ( Who knows a lot about biology + electronics expert ) finds out a way to get all of the alien's thoughts onto a disc. We figure out that there is actually a way to portal into the ship that led the Earth siege, and the one that was left by the Commander and his fellows. We also get some of the upgraded pieces of Alien tech ( guys from Earth finally find a way to overrun the best ways that aliens can use to kill them ) That get packed up on the Hero and the side Heroes. With a few random people as backup, they raid the main battleship, killing every unarmed, not ready for anything alien on the way. They get to the control room and close the door behind them. The thing that's next is, well, the "nice" part. Someone uses something ( My personal favourite is pre-planted neurotoxine bombs ) to kill the remaining aliens on the ship. Then uses the guns of the main big spaceship to turn the other ones into smoking bits. ( It was an ambush, so it's not OP at all. Really. ) The thing is, that they have no effective way to run (A toxine able to overrun Alien's armor and natural defence system is everywhere ). Therefore, they manually cut the control room, which is separated from the rest of the ship, and head it to the Earth with the acceleration given by an exploding wreck of the main spaceship, using it as a drop pod. They survive the fall, but the only copy of the disc that contains Alien knowledge is destroyed, and they land in an unknown place. BUT THEN SUDDENLY they use an escape pod ( Third in this story ) crashed on the Moon a long time ago, during the Robot Revolution ( This part was settled earlier in my own RP, but had no use, and therefore to use this we will need either me, a guy called Ermat_TooComplicatedLastNameForDumbFucksToRemember ), that has sensors and may work as a satelite, to figure out where they are. And there comes the fact that they're all stuck on the unknown continent, and there is still a lot of Ih'Shruken everywhere, who just figured out that their everything is fucked up and they're calling for backup to destroy the shit out of the planet. So, the fact is, that they can still use Rift portal system to get back to our cozy local wasteland and figure out what to do about aliens trying to somehow get backup. ( But having problems because all their air support is gone ) They find a ruins of an outpost in the desert, which has some cool shtuff in it; a Rift portal, rotting body of a dead guy, and a green scale eating breakfast. The second one is soon dead, and some research on Physics is discovered in the shack. ( Chances of a big invention +1 ) Anyway, our Squad B ( for Badass ) gets back to the lab they worked in before and invents a microwave jammer that prevents aliens from getting their support. Now there is just two problems: Aliens everywhere on the planet and lots outside of the Galaxy trying to get what the hell happened to one of their attack fleets. The first one is to solve manually for now, which may be a pain in the arse for the next few decades, but to assure everyone on Earth is safe, we are keeping the Jammer on the orbit and further to make Aliens see just nothing here. Literally. And even if lots of them died, I guess none will be heading to a place like this. ( Damn Bermuda Triangle, I'd never go there. ) + We can always use some kind of an Alien and Earthian technology mix to make some kind of a power shield for Earth in case of further atacks. After some longer research on Alien tech we probably may discover a way of EMPing all of their inventions to death, leaving everything about it working nicely. ( So there we go, our Heroes based on Alien tech are no longer OP badasses who can go and kill everyone. ) Therefore the aliens will only have regular bullets and fists, which is not very effective about home-made Earthian plasma guns, which I invented not so long ago. So there we go.


More things to notice:

The whole thing may be TL;DR for you, but read it, I tried to make it fun. The idea overall is not that bad in my opinion, it will make an awesome event, and feel everyone, not just the most experienced server users important. IF you actually DO have a better idea, just go use it, but if you want to decline my one just because it requires effort or is just crap in many places, modify it, please? :3 Also, I think a good idea is to cut off the whole part from coming back to Earth to finding the abandoned shack and we can just pretend it happened.

That's all.

Sincerely, your favourite "special" guy who you may not know or hate, Asadasek. ( AKA Asad_Grey AKA The Sad Grey Desk. )


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The idea that I dare to call probably the best way of ending the Ih'Shruken event even though you already have one. Empty Re: The idea that I dare to call probably the best way of ending the Ih'Shruken event even though you already have one.

Post  tjdrago on Sun Mar 25, 2012 1:17 pm

I have a lab we can use


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