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Town of Zeridia Empty Town of Zeridia

Post  IEclipseII on Tue Mar 20, 2012 7:43 pm

Leader: Hawke - Human
Government: Monarchy
Allies: Currently Neutral
Founded: November 28, 2458 A.D
Coordinates: X:556 Y:62 Z:-1892
Population: 4

Summary - Zeridia is a new town, springing up suddenly only a few months ago. It is not known to most towns, and is still small, though well protected. It sprang up overnight near the crater at Gryphon Station. Nothing was built but a wall and one house that night, but it was the start of a town working towards a goal none the less. It is currently ruled by Hawke, who has authority over citizens. It is planned to have a council, much like Rethosias, soon.

Power and Position in the Wastes - Zeridia is a small town, and in no position to fight with other towns. They are well protected and set for defense. However, they are not prepared for offense. Hawke has stated to citizens he wants no conflict with other towns. The leader soon plans to propose an alliance to the Rethosian Council. They are a small town, but it is built halfway between StrongHold Black and Rethosia, making it a key resting point for people traveling to Rethosia.

Points of Interest - Zeridia is the only town with burners on 24/7 topping the walls. These burners heat to nearly 3,000 Degress Fahrenheit (Roughly 1,648 Celsius) and can withstand even the rain. They are ran off a constant battery supply and use synthetic flames that can be created to be just as hot and dangerous as real flame. Zeridia also has a radio tower, that covers the whole desert, and parts of StrongHold black.

Current News - Zeridia has recently replaced the wooden parts of its wall with Scrap metal and lined the top of the wall with synthetic flames in hopes to keep out the Ih'Shruken, who have been recently raiding out. Hawke plans to seek a meeting with the Rethosian council, though he has not talked to them yet, about forming an alliance.


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Town of Zeridia Empty Re: Town of Zeridia

Post  hello2u08 on Wed Apr 11, 2012 8:00 pm

if you would be willing, i could make a piston gate, and complete the bridge, given the proper materials. oh, and i am professor astley in game. it wouldn't violate any RP either, because I am a scientist, and therefore good with redstone, and i don't mind physical labor.


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